Its CX platform provides historical insight into customers, enabling companies to understand, strengthen and communicate more effectively!

On January 14th, SugarCRM published its Winter ‘20 release which showcased the new Renewals Console. This comes along with additional features designed to improve the lead funnel, increase renewal rates for recurring revenue models, and optimise first-response resolution rates inside customer support centres. Its CX platform provides historical insight into customers, enabling companies to understand, strengthen and communicate more effectively!

The Renewals Console, comes as a feature within Sugar Sell, so as a core functionality. Which is a great differentiator: other CRMs require extensive customisation or third-party integration for duration-based renewable services.

Its home page dashboard provides a powerful work environment for Customer Success Managers to manage accounts and opportunities in the renewal pipeline. It is broken into three tabs: The Overview tab, the Accounts tab and the Opportunities tabs. The Overview tab helps users plan their current work better, its Accounts tab displays the user’s accounts with those having a pending renewal at the top of the list, sorted by the date of the next renewal. And its Opportunities tab displays the user’s open opportunities sorted by the expected close date with overdue opportunities shown first. There is another functionality on records in the console, when you click it opens a drawer where you can review subscriptions and related records and activities, log progress, and communicate with customers.

It is indeed a Game-Changer for Subscription-Based Businesses.

As Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM said: “The Renewals Console can have an immediate impact on the bottom line, automating renewals management and incorporating subscription customers into ongoing marketing efforts… This is perfectly aligned with our no-touch information philosophy and Sugar’s commitment not only to understanding but also to where the CX industry is heading, but anticipating the needs of our customers as a result.” Not only SugarSell is exciting on the Winter ‘20 release, also improvements are announced for SugarServe and SugarMarket:

Valuable time-aware case tracking within Sugar Serve, to allow customer service leaders to optimise team productivity by uncovering which types of cases require the most attention. Customer Service organisations can set up simple to complex business rules to measure and monitor first response SLAs and ensure customers’ SLA requirements are met.

And Email bot click detection within Sugar Market, to allow marketers to better understand prospect interactions by differentiating between bot and human traffic. And to get a more accurate picture of email campaign response rates, ensuring reliable marketing spend on activities that drive real engagement.

Equally relevant the rollout of Sugar tagging on Sugar Mobile, where users can now create new tags, remove existing ones, and search by tag from their mobile device.

“We’re excited about this release for many reasons,” said Rich Green, Sugar Chief Product Officer and CTO. “Subscription models are becoming increasingly common in businesses worldwide, making native support for recurring revenue management critical.  And underlying this and other new features are our time-aware CX technologies. We continue to make a differentiated impact on the CX landscape with our solutions, all with the goal of helping our customers create customers for life.”

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