Sugar Sell

The #1 rated Sales CRM solution across all major vendors

Sugar Sell automatically gathers and analyses actionable insights

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell uses social and business data sources so your team can receive important updates on key accounts with real-time push notifications and alerts, all with just a name and email.

Keeping The Sales Team On Top Of Their Game

Effortless mapping of each individual customer journey
From your sales teams first contact, Sugar Sell is the fastest way to assist your sales teams to stay on top of their game, it gives your sales team the opportunity to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Analyse Performance and Visualize Results

There are multiple sync options for Sugar, from calendars to social media, it allows email tracking and much more. Your teams will be able to manage tasks, opportunities, cases, whilst saving email communications straight into your CRM all with a single click, no more copy and pasting or the need for other applications.

Sugar Sell Consultants

As A SugarCRM Elite Partner for 13 years, we provide next-level CRM expertise

redk is a SugarCRM Elite Partner, which means we have a close working relationship with SugarCRM. We actively collaborate to improve CRM tech solutions and are granted direct access to innovations from the manufacturer.


With a position on the SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board, we are part of an international organisation of businesses that work with the manufacturer to further its business strategy and improve its product.

What’s more, we have been recognised as an Elite Partner from among over 300 SugarCRM partners worldwide, an honour we share with only one other company in the UK. This recognition is due to our full commitment and unbridled success delivering CRM solutions to clients.


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We are Sugar experts

We have been a SugarCRM Elite Partner for 13 years. With over 200 projects internationally, we have the experience and expertise to successfully implement Sugar Sell in your company.