With increasing customer demands and rapid advancements in technology, it’s imperative to implement the best customer relationship management tools in order to create a seamless journey from beginning to end.

In today’s digitally driven world, the quality and efficiency of customer service can make or break an organisation. With increasing customer demands and rapid advancements in technology, it’s imperative to implement the best customer relationship management tools in order to create a seamless journey from beginning to end. At redk, we support companies seeking to enhance efficiency through world-class tools that optimise team performance and in turn, serve as leaders. Our partnership with SugarCRM has helped us bring our clients’ organisations to new heights.

Selecting CRM software can be challenging and overwhelming, especially due to the number of options available. In January 2021, Info-Tech Research Group posted their Customer Relationship Management Emotional Footprint Report, which provides companies with a comprehensive evaluation of available products. As a SugarCRM Elite Partner, we are proud to work with a company that has just been named Software Reviews Champion 2021.

We have successfully implemented SugarCRM in leading companies such as Arconvert, Inspired Energy and Insud Pharma, and their stories offer insights into the software’s success.

According to Arconvert, “The implementation of SugarCRM made it possible to transition into a fully digital business cycle.” And Inspired Energy relies on the software for their commercial and customer management team to deliver best-in-class customer service.

Additionally, Mercedes Sanson, Supply and Project Management Director at Insud Pharma stated, Our partnership with SugarCRM is leaving a lasting effect in our customers.

What makes SugarCRM award worthy?

The Emotional Footprint Report provided a detailed breakdown of user interactions with various CRM software. As displayed in the Emotional Footprint Diamond below, customer experience is a complex concept. SugarCRM tops the diamond with their positive reviews from users based on their interactions with the software versus the cost to value.

According to the Emotional Footprint Summary, the emotional response in various categories of the relationship SugarCRM has with their clients, as well as the effectiveness of the software itself, is highly positive. The infographic below shows that SugarCRM has a 90% positive Net Emotional Footprint Distribution and a top CX score. SugarCRM consistently elicits positive reactions from their users.

The Emotional Footprint Report dug deeper into users’ connection to the product through specific categories. The software was rated on in-depth scenarios of the following: Service Experience, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Contract, and Strategy and Innovation. SugarCRM topped the charts in each subcategory.

Service Experience

Service is important, and customers want to be heard. SugarCRM received +94 in the subcategory Disrespectful vs. Respectful and +95 in Bureaucratic vs. Efficient. Users also rated SugarCRM as a positive time saver.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

It’s imperative for customers to know that their problems will be solved. Users ranked SugarCRM in the +90 or higher for their integrity, client-friendly policies, trustworthiness, and fair reactions to conflict. SugarCRM also proved to be generous, transparent and friendly when negotiating and signing contracts. Users also noted that they felt their interests were placed first.

Strategy and Innovation

As technology advances, software must follow suit

. SugarCRM was voted as showing signs of continually improving and inspiring their users through innovation.

CRM software you can trust

Although emotion is not the only factor in the quality of CRM software, it certainly offers a level of trust and comfort. At redk, we partner with trustworthy companies in order to ensure customer satisfaction across the board. SugarCRM’s chart-topping emotional reviews reflect strongly on our decision to continue to guide organisations to implement their software.

redk has over 15 years’ experience as a CRM digital consultancy, including technology strategy and data, and our aim to support companies through world-class tools is further proven with this award.

Congratulations to SugarCRM on behalf of your Elite Partners at redk.