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Acoustic is a cutting-edge platform fueled by artificial intelligence. Deliver relevant, personalised and customer-focused campaigns with redk’s expertise and Acoustic’s technology at your side. The search for the perfect CRM solution is over; Acoustic is here to change the digital marketing game.

Prepare to become an unstoppable force in the market with this comprehensive tool at your side. An Acoustic campaign can deliver tailored customer experiences across email campaigns, push notifications, texts, social media and your website. No more generic approaches—only smarter, more targeted strategies that convert leads into sales, driving your business forward.

Take advantage of Acoustic’s robust lead scoring and segmentation tools to reach the right customers based on critical data effortlessly. Watch as campaign conversion rates skyrocket and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty.


Revitalise your campaign strategy

Ignite customer connections by personalising campaigns for consumers across their preferred channels, fueling demand like never before. Acoustic empowers marketers with data insights, transforming campaign design and communications for maximum impact.
Join the era of data to create consistent campaigns that leverage email, web, social media, mobile push, SMS, and even group messaging. Elevate customer engagement and boost conversions with personalised experiences that truly resonate with your target audience.

With Acoustic, you gain:

  • A powerful campaign-design canvas for crafting impactful campaigns
  • Personalised interactions featuring dynamic content
  • Performance insights and robust reporting
  • Personalisation and A/B/n testing capabilities
  • Advanced lead management and scoring modelling
  • Seamlessly enables integrated marketing across mobile and digital channels
  • Building customer journeys that drive results
  • The AI-powered Acoustic (Watson) Assistant is your ultimate ally in delivering exceptional experiences.

Unlock the potential of Acoustic campaign automation and leave your competitors in the dust. It’s time to take your Acoustic marketing cloud to extraordinary heights.


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Guiding you through Acoustic

Our entire team of certified Acoustic experts will help bring your Acoustic marketing efforts to the next level. At redk, we have worked with a number of companies to design and integrate Acoustic marketing solutions into their company-wide operations. This has boosted productivity and customer interactions while also increasing revenue.

Our services include:

  • Marketing strategy technical assessment and design
  • Acoustic Marketing Automation implementation and integration
  • Support and training
  • Best practices guidance and mentoring


The most powerful CRM technology combined with
your industry expertise and redk’s
15 years of experience = a winning team!

Experience the redk difference

Our methodology aligns strategy with technology to produce a robust CRM framework that drives organisational change in your company.

Strategic Consulting

We dive headfirst into your business. We collaborate with your executive team to gain a deep understanding of how technology should align with the business vision and deliver its intended value.

Operational Design

At redk, we are masters of operational design. We streamline processes, boost productivity, and drive peak performance. With cutting-edge technology and agile practices, we take a dynamic approach that drives efficiency and accelerates your transformation journey.

Functional Implementation

Technology alone is not enough to drive transformation. It’s the people who drive change. We guide you through managing organisational and operational change, ensuring your teams are ready to embrace the new solutions and drive adoption for maximum impact.

Technical Support

We don’t just implement and leave you hanging. With redk, you have a dedicated partner providing comprehensive technical support. We’re here to ensure that your technology solutions continue to run smoothly, keeping your business on track and empowering you for ongoing success.


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