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In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and distribution, a powerful CRM solution could be your key to success. With redk’s experience implementing CRM in the manufacturing industry, we understand the unique challenges you may face.

Enhance your forecasting accuracy, gain valuable customer insights, optimise your supply chain, simplify your sales pipeline, and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

Redk has a proven track record of transforming manufacturing companies, providing seamless CRM solutions that drive growth for years to come. Join forces with redk and discover the perfect manufacturing CRM software tailored to your manufacturing needs.

Software Solutions for Manufacturing Firms


CRM enables manufacturers to make accurate forecasts by analysing customer data, market trends, and customer insights. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to optimised production planning and inventory management.


CRM provides a comprehensive view of existing customers, capturing their preferences, purchase history, and interactions. Armed with this knowledge, manufacturers and sales teams can tailor products, improve customer service, and build long-lasting relationships.


When it comes to supply chain management, visibility is key. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, the entire supply chain is the key to business in the manufacturing sector. Streamlined processes, real-time updates, and improved collaboration ensure a well-oiled supply chain for increased efficiency and reduced costs.


A manufacturing CRM system can simplify the sales process by automating workflows, managing leads, and tracking opportunities. Manufacturers can streamline their sales pipeline, accelerate deal closures, and push revenue growth.


A CRM solution can help manufacturers nurture and strengthen customer relationships, enhancing sales team performance. From personalised communication to timely support, CRM enables proactive engagement, fostering loyalty, and repeat business. Build strong, lasting connections with your customers, and watch your manufacturing business thrive.

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The most powerful CRM technology combined with
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Experience the redk difference

Our methodology aligns strategy with technology to produce a robust CRM framework that drives organisational change in your company.

Strategic Consulting

We dive headfirst into your business. We collaborate with your executive team to gain a deep understanding of how technology should align with the business vision and deliver its intended value.

Operational Design

At redk, we are masters of operational design. We streamline processes, boost productivity, and drive peak performance. With cutting-edge technology and agile practices, we take a dynamic approach that drives efficiency and accelerates your transformation journey.

Functional Implementation

Technology alone is not enough to drive transformation. It’s the people who drive change. We guide you through managing organisational and operational change, ensuring your teams are ready to embrace the new solutions and drive adoption for maximum impact.

Technical Support

We don’t just implement and leave you hanging. With redk, you have a dedicated partner providing comprehensive technical support. We’re here to ensure that your technology solutions continue to run smoothly, keeping your business on track and empowering you for ongoing success.


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‘At PromoFarma we aim to turn the entire company into a health platform that helps people manage their own health in a simple and optimised way, using digital products and solutions.’

Beatriz López, Operations redk

Beatriz López

Operations Manager at PromoFarma

‘redk was by our side throughout the entire process and beyond, helping us to adapt, meeting our needs, and resolving doubts and problems.’


Sandra Brion Abuin

Business Development Manager, Marine Instruments

‘redk helped us design and define the customer lifecycle by implementing a CRM-based solution that covered the defined processes and structured all the data around these processes.’


Andrés Rodríguez Morado

Marketing Manager, Marine Instruments

‘redk has true professionals who have accompanied and guided us at all times.’


Inma Costa

Customer Service and Marketing Department - Consum

’The expertise of redk as a business has helped them to get the best out of us and to drive a successful project and transformation’


Faye Williams

Internal Sales Director

‘The team at redk reminded us that CRM isn’t just about being more efficient. It’s about serving our customers better'


Russell Stables

Company Director, 2buy2

“redk truly helps us overcome all the hurdles of such a complex project, their value was shown through best practices recommendations and quality technical work”

Thomas Hadden

Technical Sales Manager, Niftylift

“redk was able to understand the business constraints and the technical challenges. They worked closely with our team to put together a solid roadmap to deliver short term, which has added up to a robust CRM solution overtime.”


Marc Talbot

Head of Relationship Management

“Rapid business growth and dynamic competitive environments require innovative and versatile solutions in order to stay competitive and relevant. At redk, we use our proven methodologies to deliver complex digital projects, with speed and quality, to match the speed of your business.”

“Working with redk was a team experience. Their support along the project was key and it never felt like working with an external contractor. In fact, we would always use “we” in all our conversations, considering them as part of our team.”


Maribel Linares

Partnership, Loyalty & CX at Baleària

“The truth is we have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in Customer Services. Day to day, service agents know much better what they have to do. They have much better visibility of all client-related information in order to do their work better. So they’re happier.”


Anna Witteveen

Head of Product, i-surance

“Introducing an end-to-end automated process has given us the opportunity to interact with our customers when it matters most. Thanks to redk, we were able to update our CRM solution and succeed in our mission to put our customers first.”


Jason Blundell

Cortech Developments

“We chose redk because it understood what we do; and we chose their recommended CRM because it is versatile and flexible enough to adapt to the unique nature of our business.”


Eugenio Gómez Acebo

SVP Global New Business

“We firmly believe that digital transformation is not an option, but a necessity for the survival of all companies – perhaps even more so in the insurance sector. Insurance companies have traditionally been more conservative in this regard, but are showing good signs of progress“.

Cristina García redk

Cristina García

CEO of Grupo PSN

"redk clearly understood our complex operational model and was able to build the business processes and automation necessary to be efficient.”


Mercedes Sanson

Supply and Project Management Director

“The digital transformation is a change for the sales team, who are used to using other processes. This requires continuous monitoring to prevent teams from being disconnected and to ensure that the transition to the digital solution provides the desired result.”


Fernando Girón

Marketing Director at Arconvert


Deliver business results with the right technology and a trusted partner with a robust methodology.

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