Create a centre for customer service excellence

Zendesk is the ideal tool to align customer service operations with customer expectations, ensuring timely and personalised engagement. With its speed and efficiency, you can connect with your target market effortlessly.

As a successful Premier Zendesk Partner, our Zendesk Consulting Services are tailored to enhance customer relationships and optimise team productivity across the digital customer service realm. We help you design effective strategies to connect with your audience and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

As trusted Zendesk Implementation Partners, we have the expertise to guide you in uncovering the limitless opportunities of this innovative, omnichannel, intelligent platform. Together, we can create a customer-centric environment that sets your business apart.


Deliver high-quality customer experiences

In today’s competitive market, delivering fluid, consistent, and continuous experiences is key to meeting customer expectations. That’s where redk comes in as your transformation partner, helping you create a customer-centric operational model.

We specialise in redesigning customer service operations to empower brands like yours. We help you engage with customers and exceed market expectations. By reimagining customer service, we enhance client satisfaction and boost employee experience, leading to efficiency and sustainable growth.

And here’s the exciting part: as trusted Zendesk partners with 17 years of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of how to best use its powerful toolkit. Together, we can deliver personalised interactions that leave a lasting impact. Your customers will feel heard, understood, and supported every step of the way.

Let us guide you in building a customer-centric approach that leverages Zendesk’s innovative capabilities. Join forces with redk to unlock the full potential of your customer experiences.


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Mastering A.I. in Customer Service

In today’s dynamic business landscape, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) tools into customer service operations has become a strategic necessity. Yet, this endeavour is intricate and riddled with challenges. This is where an AI expert proves invaluable.

Implementing AI in customer service goes beyond just adopting technology; it’s a transformation of customer engagement and employee experience. Our AI experts customise solutions to your unique needs, identifying pain points and creating a roadmap for seamless integration.

We optimise your investment in artificial intelligence tech. We help you prevent costly errors, ensuring your AI tools deliver tangible benefits, from enhanced customer satisfaction to streamlined operations. We stay current with AI advancements, ensuring your solutions remain cutting-edge and compliant with evolving regulations.





The most powerful customer service technology combined with your industry expertise and redk’s 15 years of experience = a winning team!

Customer Service Experts

Our methodology aligns strategy with technology to produce a robust customer service technology framework that drives organisational change in your company.

CX Strategic Consulting

We dive headfirst into your business. We collaborate with your executive team to gain a deep understanding of how technology should align with the business vision and deliver its intended value.

Service Operations Design

At redk, we are masters of operational design. We streamline processes, boost productivity, and drive peak performance. With cutting-edge technology and agile practices, we take a dynamic approach that drives efficiency and accelerates your transformation journey.

Service Functional Implementation

Technology alone is not enough to drive transformation. It’s the people who drive change. We guide you through managing organisational and operational change, ensuring your teams are ready to embrace the new solutions and drive adoption for maximum impact.

Deep Software Engineering

We don’t just implement and leave you hanging. With redk, you have a dedicated partner providing comprehensive technical support. We’re here to ensure that your technology solutions continue to run smoothly, keeping your business on track and empowering you for ongoing success.

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