Drive the long-term vision, deliver short immediate business outcomes.

A successful customer relationship management framework requires a clear vision to guide transformation and deliver impact.

Establishing a CRM transformation strategy is essential to propel this vision forward and make the most of today’s complex and costly technology. The strategy should deliver on both the long-term business objectives and the immediate operational and tactical improvements the organisation needs to stay relevant and competitive.

We help align your brand’s CRM transformation roadmap and execute your business goals for a future-proof CRM strategy.

Guarantee CRM Success

In any CRM implementation, inherent risks will hinder progress and success. Our CRM delivery framework plays a crucial role in anticipating and managing these risks. We actively resolve issues and facilitate progress by monitoring projects and assessing potential roadblocks and solutions for a smooth CRM implementation process.

From strategic guidance to seamless customer interactions to managing customer data, our robust and reliable framework is here to keep you on track to success.

Optimise Operations

CRM technology can transform the way you optimise processes across the business. By centralising customer data, it streamlines communication and information flow, enabling more efficient sales, marketing, and customer support activities.

Our operational design helps implement automation features to reduce manual tasks, allowing teams to focus on high-value activities. Meanwhile, analytics provide valuable insights for better decision-making. CRM software can enhance productivity and foster a deeper understanding of customers, ultimately leading to improved processes and stronger customer relationships.

Boost Technology Adoption

Engaged teams are more likely to contribute positively to CRM implementation. A successful CRM transformation requires the support of every single team member, from customer service representatives to C-suite members.

CRM by Design’s focus on Design Thinking concepts fosters an ideation-to-deployment process that encourages team members to invest in building for the future. This methodology, combined with the Agile approach managed by the PMO, accelerates the process and provides tools to align business and technology seamlessly. Start improving customer satisfaction and customer retention with a new CRM process that connects your team across the board.

Drive Organisational Change

Building a CRM framework involves coordination among teams and stakeholders to drive change and technology adoption.

At redk, we understand the challenges associated with change. We will overcome these obstacles together with the right Organisational Change Management (OCM) approach. Our expert team is here to guide you on implementing effective OCM strategies as part of our robust governance model. Embrace transformation, sustain the benefits of a new CRM software, and achieve lasting success in building a CRM framework that drives growth and prosperity.

CRM by Design

“CRM by Design” is a cutting-edge methodology rooted in Design Thinking concepts, revolutionising how CRM systems are developed. Unlike traditional approaches that dwell on past models, CRM by Design boldly focuses on envisioning the future and what technology can truly achieve.

By guiding the design process with a forward-thinking mindset, your CRM investment is future-proof and equipped to provide a powerful competitive advantage. Elevate your business to new heights with a successful CRM strategy fueled by innovation and the limitless potential of technology.


A robust and reliable technology framework that maximises the potential of modern CRM technology.


Deliver business results with the right technology and a trusted partner with a robust methodology.

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Salesforce Consulting Partner

With redk as your trusted Salesforce partners you will make the most out of this powerful technology and achieve the growth you are looking for.



Everything you need to manage the customer life cycle efficiently and tailored to your business.


Zendesk Premier Partner

Zendesk helps you focus on engagement, so you can be the company your customers want you to be!


At redk, we're proud to be a channel partner for We offer implementation support so you get the most out of the platform. From initial consultations to ongoing support, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.



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Up-to-date CRM technology empowers TIME to deliver predictable returns in an unpredictable world

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redk took charge of the complex engineering issues while the internal team managed organisational change, training and the definition of the functional scope for the development backlog.


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redk worked closely with the leadership team at Acuris, stakeholders and the technical team to deliver major changes on the CRM digital framework

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redk implemented best-in-class technology to assist the standardisation of workflows and processes, which enabled Havas Media Group to increase overall visibility of data and insights while saving hundreds of man-hours


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Driving operational efficiency in sales operations and marketing.

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The CRM transformation integrated each stage of the sales process on a single platform, making it possible for Cortech Developments to fully automate their cycle.


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As champions of procurement, 2buy2 goes above and beyond to achieve their vision of providing ‘Excellent Procurement that is Values Driven’.

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Chemo Group required a one-stop data source that would catalogue all data sources and standardise processes in one system


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A strategy to optimise customer data and operations for 25% annual growth

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