Upon assessment of their CRM solutions, most companies find that they lag behind markets and B2B buying behaviours in both innovation and development.

The rapid development and expansion of online commerce and remote application access has shifted the way companies do business. Technologies that are new today can be outdated by tomorrow, and it’s important for companies, markets, and in particular, B2B buying behaviours to keep up.

Upon assessment of their CRM solutions, most companies find that they lag behind markets and B2B buying behaviours in both innovation and development. With 15 years of expertise, and having delivered over 300 projects using leading technologies, we at redk are very well positioned to help organisations keep up with today’s business needs and support future changes. We have successfully implemented CRM software in over two hundred companies including brands such as Acuris, Arconvert and Inspired Energy, and we can help your organisation choose the best option too.

Switching CRM software

Updating central business technologies such as CRM software can be daunting, due to the disruption caused by the process itself and the fear of losing invaluable data. Many businesses are keen to take the plunge, but the perceived difficulty, disruption and cost all contribute to them putting it off time and time again.


up-to-date CRM software is essential to having a successful business in today’s climate, as outdated CRM systems can cause a significant loss in revenue, additional investments to ensure full-capacity operations, and a general lag in overall development.

Furthermore, the reasons your organisation implemented its current CRM solution do not apply unless you have updated software, e.g. improved productivity, increased customer loyalty and relationships, streamlined sales processes and increased revenue. It’s time to make a switch that will guarantee long-term success.

The five red flags to watch out for

At redk, we understand that change can be scary, and making the decision to switch CRM software may be overwhelming. But we are here to offer our advice. These five red flags indicate that it’s time to change your CRM solution.

  1. Outgrowing your CRM. Your current CRM system may have been implemented at the outset of your business, and it might be struggling to keep up with today’s fast-paced world. With business expansion, especially into multiple locations and fields, sometimes CRM solutions simply cannot keep up.
  2. Inflexible deployment and integrations. With the rapid development of new technologies in all fields of business expansion, a rigid CRM system can hold you back. Your CRM software should move and grow with you, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.
  3. Complicated systems. Systems that over complicate simple tasks and lack intuitive user experience (UX) deter people from using them. This, in turn, will result in wasted time and a loss of crucial customer data. Customers want quick, easy solutions to their problems, and will walk away the moment they feel frustrated due to complications.
  4. An overload of unnecessary features. Often, companies overestimate or are not informed about which features they will need for their business. Many CRM platforms offer features that customers simply do not use or that complexify simple operations, adding to the aforementioned UX issues
  5. Running your own CRM support. Reaching out to your CRM vendor with questions or issues and not receiving a response is far more common than it should be. Many businesses are often forced to solve their own difficult CRM problems, and even find that vendors are not forthcoming with upgrades or integrations. This can significantly hinder your operations, customer retention and long-term revenue.

If any of these red flags apply to your CRM solution, your software is no longer beneficial to your business. It may be time to make the shift to a new CRM solution that will better serve your organisation.

redk’s expert CRM solutions

At redk, we have used our 15 years of experience and expertise to provide updated, specialised and innovative CRM platforms to our clients with great success. Leading companies such as Arconvert and Inspired Energy are examples of this.

Arconvert is the leading manufacturer of labelling materials such as self-adhesive materials, papers and films. Their turnover of more than €800 million, and 1,570 employees serves as further evidence of their success. After evolving to serve two markets, direct consumers (B2B) and indirect consumers (B2B2B), Arconvert needed to streamline their business processes and ensure they could apply their B2C expertise to this environment.

Their implementation of SugarCRM, facilitated by us, made it possible to transition into a completely digital business cycle, with automated quotes and communications that ensure a comprehensive yet singular client view. Thanks to the transformation, the company now has a more thorough understanding of the customer experience, and they’ve been able to redesign business processes to better match their needs.

Another success story is with Inspired Energy, one of the leading energy consultancies in the United Kingdom. Initially, their business model was to work in collaboration with a range of businesses, which resulted in a large amount of transactional data which needed to be integrated into a single CRM.

At redk, we put together a team of skilled people to assist Inspired Energy with their data challenge. A solution was successfully reached by combining methodology, applying best practices and following expert advice. Inspired Energy now has a commercial and customer management team that relies on this CRM solution as an integral part of their workflow. The solution is built on SugarCRM and allows both teams to deliver best-in-class customer service.

Make the switch with redk

Keeping your CRM solution up to date is one of the most important factors in keeping your company successful and competitive in current times. CRM platforms must be adaptable, fluid and evolutionary, ensuring that their capabilities do not lag behind their companies’ operations and that they are equipped to handle future challenges and technological and commercial developments. This is not just about a single purchase; it’s about finding a vendor and provider that works with companies to provide integrations, updates and continued support.

At redk, we have over 15 years’ experience as technical and consultancy CRM experts, including technology strategy and data. We aim to support companies seeking to enhance efficiency and profitability through world-class tools that optimise team performance across your organisation. Consult our team for advice on making the switch. We can help make the seemingly daunting task as smooth as possible.