“We’ve seen a huge uptake from our customers for specific use cases, to really hone in on marketing activity, processes, and workflow, and how monday.com can be used to optimise that process.” Naveed Malik

In the fifth episode of our podcast, redk CRM/CX Strategist and CMO, Hideki Hashimura was joined by monday.com’s Regional Director, EMEA Channel Partnerships, Naveed Malik. Together they addressed the challenge facing organisations seeking to optimise and integrate automation into CX and CRM.  

There are some challenges that standard CRM solutions cannot solve. With the right tools, however, back-office CRM operations can be optimised, even in highly specific activities such as marketing. Project management solution monday.com is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between teams, departments and applications, and provide demonstrable ROI at the same time.  

Intuitively simple to work with and highly customisable, monday.com has 127,000 customers across 190 countries worldwide. In many cases, clients have reached out to monday.com with some very specific issues, particularly related to optimising marketing activity. redk are Gold Partners of monday.com, working with them to provide business consulting, training, custom development, and best practice implementation. 

Understanding the challenge

Naveed presented a case study of a project that, thanks to a report commissioned from Forrester, clearly outlined the Total Economic Impact and ROI that their client, performance marketing agency Maximedia, could expect over a three-year period working with monday.com. 

Producing solutions to the very specific issues faced by marketers requires a profound understanding of the challenges presented by the client’s current processes and systems. In the case of Maximedia, there were multiple disparate systems – from spreadsheets to workflow tools – being used, with large files that were unmanaged centrally, and not hosted in a way that made them accessible to stakeholders. Commercial insights, project status, and visibility were not readily available, and efficient monitoring of KPI was consequently very difficult. monday.com were tasked with driving operational efficiencies into the business. 

“A lot of marketing teams will relate to the same problems. Often, the team has to adapt to the solution, as opposed to the solution adapting to the way the team works.” Hideki Hashimura 

Optimising marketing activity for phenomenal ROI

Hideki pointed out three key metrics that marketing teams struggle with. Firstly, tracking spend against budgets, including where and how those budgets are spent. Secondly, ineffective collaboration, with companies often using shared spreadsheets. Thirdly, content and asset distribution. Marketing teams, he said, spend a great deal of time creating content and assets which are often then only used for a single campaign. 

The business outcomes for Maximedia were clear. Greater clarity on where resources were, how they were being used, and their budgetary efficiency was a key win, according to Malik. It also allowed increased innovation by getting content to market much quicker and making it available to multiple parties simultaneously. Content turnaround times were cut from a week to a few days, driving client and partner satisfaction, and resolving process bottlenecks. 

Figures were tracked across projects, and over the three-year period, the Total Economic Impact was $867K, of which $182K was directly associated with costs. That provided a complete ROI of 345% on the client’s initial investment, a figure Malik described as ‘phenomenal’. 

“monday.com is successful because of its ability to be personalised for different use cases and to create new workflows and new processes without the need to do any programming.” Hideki Hashimura 

Adapting the solution to the team

Using a tool as effective as monday.com meant that Maximedia, which had launched 45 campaigns per day in the past, was now launching 80–90 campaigns per day after deploying the solution. It’s a platform that solves specific problems for marketing teams, providing measurable improvements and some remarkable financial outcomes.  

A detailed copy of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report for Maximedia is available by reaching out to us through LinkedIn or our podcast page, and a future event for marketing teams will provide further insight into monday.com’s capabilities soon. 

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