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The project management solution built to support you in getting the most out of your team.

Plan, execute and optimise your project timings. allows you to prioritise and assign tasks, so your team can easily categorise the importance of their workload. Task timelines, deadlines, and project members can be set efficiently, supporting you in managing your entire team from one place!

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Optimise the management of your internal projects

This platform allows you to have quick, complete visibility into your team's work status and allows full customisation to adapt to the needs of multiple departments or projects simultaneously.

Reduce the time your team spends on unproductive meetings by 50%

Achieve a high return on investment by using and allowing your team to work at optimal performance efficiency.

It is estimated that the projects that use this platform manage to reduce their time in meetings by up to 50%, by removing unnecessary project development updates and allowing your team to invest their time in what is really important.

Using this platform is the best option for teams that want to better manage their workers, as it allows them to have a top-level view of the workload and tasks that each team member carries out.

We are a Gold Partner of

As Gold Partners of we at redk are here to help you take the management of your team to the next level. Allowing you to have access to a solution that establishes a more fluid workflow, helping your company to achieve its objectives in a shorter time.

Our services include:

  • Business consulting, implementation, and training.
  • Custom development: applications, integrations.
  • Best Practices Guide.
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“Working with redk was a team experience. Their support along the project was key and it never felt like working with an external contractor.

In fact, we would always use “we” in all our conversations, considering them as part of our team.”

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Maribel Linares, Baleària

Project Manager, Partnership, Loyalty & CX

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