According to Forbes, ‘Effective collaboration is crucial to high employee engagement.’

Digital transformation, the transition to the cloud, and hybrid work models have given rise to new collaborative tools that are improving communication and increasing efficiency. We here at redk are a Gold Partner of, a comprehensive solution for creating customised applications for any workflow. It offers highly visual tools with an intuitive design adapted to organisations’ specific needs in an uncomplicated way, immediately impacting productivity. 

It is estimated that the projects that use manage to reduce their time in meetings by up to 50%. 

The Functionalities That Your Teams Need

While sometimes teams need specific tools to cover independent aspects of project management, today, the trend is to use comprehensive solutions that allow to plan, automate, communicate and track workflows from start to finish. Most of these solutions offer the following functionalities: 

  • Project management. Tools for project planning, task assignment, resource allocation, and workflow supervision.
  • Concept mapping. A collaborative work environment makes it possible to share and develop ideas, with the option of involving clients or external collaborators in the creative process.
  • File sharing. Project documents are stored on the cloud or a central platform, where project managers can define access rights and users can access files in real-time from any device.
  • Streamlined communication. Along with chat, messaging and video conferencing tools, the project panel offers additional communication options as well as the sending of automated notifications.
  • Shared calendars. All the important dates for a project are stored in the same place along with information on the progress made on tasks, facilitating team member time management and project supervision responsibilities.

According to the Economist Impact, ‘For organisations, scattered communication channels and unequal access to resources and opportunities can affect coordination, collaboration, and efficiency, ultimately affecting productivity and profitability.’ 

Fast Track Your Projects

The end goal of these solutions is to improve efficiency, thus increasing overall productivity and turnover. The following are some of their most important specific benefits: 

Time and resource savings. Real-time communication tools reduce the time allocated to meetings and writing or reading emails. Moreover, they guarantee that everybody involved in a project is informed of the latest changes or updates. 

Process automation. Workflow automation makes it possible to eliminate many repetitive management and organisation tasks, allowing both project managers and team members to invest their time in non-administrative tasks directly related to their work. 

Improved communication. These tools greatly facilitate collaborative work and improve communication at all levels, both internally between team members and different departments, as well as with external collaborators and clients.

Better supervision. Platforms that are more visual and intuitive make it easier to develop a more global overview of a project, providing a better idea of project progress and the contributions of different team members. They also facilitate the identification of strengths or weaknesses and reduce bottlenecks. 

Greater employee satisfaction. Solutions like increase employee satisfaction and loyalty through more streamlined communication, eliminating routine administrative tasks, and providing employees with more accurate recognition for their work. 

Collaborative Solutions for all Types of Companies

Collaborative tools work both for SMEs and large organisations alike – for small teams that share a single office and large teams distributed across multiple geographic locations. They improve communication and productivity in all departments and industries, from marketing and customer service to operations, sales, manufacturing, and human resources. 

redk is a Gold Partner of, the leading collaborative work platform. If you would like to manage your teams more efficiently and improve your productivity, reach out to us today. We can advise you on implementation processes, training, and the development of personalised integrations and applications.