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Hello! We are redk.

We are “CRM Transformation” experts, we help brands become digitally mature and customer centric.

Sales Performance Optimisation

Empower your sales teams with the right digital tools and customer insights to close more deals, work smarter and be more efficient.

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Customer Experience

We help you to drive customer satisfaction whilst increasing engagement and customer service excellence.

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Marketing Automation

Implementing Marketing Automation is about understanding how to leverage your most important: data

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Intelligent Automation

redk utilises the most advanced AI, ML and RPA platforms to automate business processes intelligently.

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Our Technology Capabilities

We have the expertise and digital capabilities to help you implement the technology that best suits your business, with ample experience and from an agnostic perspective.

We have over 15 years of deep engineering expertise and we master these technologies to deliver complex technical solutions.

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Trusted by over 200 leading brands across Europe.

redk is a leading expert in the field of CRM and Customer Experience, delivering strategic CRM Transformation programmes and technology implementation projects.

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Our Insights


The state, challenges, and best practices of CRM digital maturity

After the accelerated shift of customers towards digitalisation, there has been an irreversible change: the customer is now connected to the world, and by default to any company.
This study directly addresses the question: is it possible to transform CRM successfully and with minimal risk? It’s about using best practices alongside expert capabilities.

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