According to Clint Oram – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SugarCRM – in CX Strategy there are three ways of leveraging to better calibrate the customer journey.

“Congratulations on becoming a member of our club” or “Thank you for subscribing”, these phrases are used in almost any type of industry today. There are already many online businesses related to subscriptions in both the B2C and B2B environments. And it is this type of business model, where the 360 ​​vision of the client is elementary. Building customer loyalty, offering them the best possible experience, anticipating their likes and dislikes, in order to offer products or services that fit their needs is crucial. Therefore, the marketing and sales teams demand tools that provide them with a more accurate view of consumers, the need to have data at a single glance, to be able to maintain these subscriptions and attract new ones to maintain a sales funnel in constant activity.

CX strategies that build loyalty 

The key to building loyalty is undoubtedly keeping consumers happy, how? Well, offering them a good experience continuously. If the customer experience is not good enough, any model including subscription will fail. Therefore, CXOs must devise a coherent CX strategy to achieve an effortless, streamlined experience for those customers at each point of contact. For example, how can companies create loyal subscription customers that stay?

Modern CX Tech stack makes all the difference

We know that providing greater customisation, tiered pricing structures, offering a specific level of service, and tailored products to their personal needs are all things companies can do to better up their CX.

According to Clint Oram – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SugarCRM – in CX Strategy there are three ways of leveraging to better calibrate the customer journey:

  1. Focus on Service first, and Sales will follow
  2. Get Marketing, Sales and Service teams aligned
  3. Always anticipate your customers’ needs

Modern CX Tech stack is the answer to Advanced analytics, smooth Sales Force Automation (SFA), and wiser Artificial Intelligence applied. Let’s take SugarSell as example, because this tool brings just that, allowing companies to stay one step ahead of their customers’ needs.

Sugar Sell to speed up the Sales Cycle

As part of SugarCRM family, SugarSell is in itself a guarantee of value for money and great quality.

This 2020, SugarCRM has been named a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SFA for 8th consecutive year.

Sugar Sell is Sugar’s time-aware CX solution to enable marketing, sales and service teams gain a unified vision of the customer journey and better understand their consumer needs.

Effortless experience for your Sales team too

The aim is to facilitate the work to the Sales team to get better results and avoid wasting time. Giving the chance to address the right lead, with the right message, at the right time. In order to convert it into an opportunity faster and speed up the sales cycle. As simple as it sounds.

If you would like to have a closer look to SugarSell, do not hesitate, contact our team of experts at redk. They will inform you on what is best for your company.
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