Lead management is key to facilitating your customers’ digital sales journey. Tools like Sugar are designed to give you complete control over how you engage with your leads during the sales journey. This organisational tool will help your team stay on top of tasks and take advantage of the digital journey experience and opportunities.

Sugar’s intuitive interface includes alerts to potential leads, and provides step-by-step tasks that will increase sales and improve the overall customer experience. No matter what stage of the sales process your leads are in, Sugar keeps you informed, allowing you to be proactive.

Your business is unique, and so are your customers. Sugar offers customisable options that can pinpoint how your leads are behaving throughout their customer journey. Here’s how Sugar can help you identify leads and coordinate lead management across your organisation.

Data Presentation

Sugar lays out your key performance indicators in an organised format that will improve your team’s understanding of long term goals. Create customised dashboards that measure the effectiveness of your teams and processes.

You can utilise a number of tools that will improve the efficiency of your lead management over time. Segment your leads into groups based on location, level of engagement or industry. Use these groupings to better target your leads with a more personalised note or marketing strategy.

Receive auto-generated messages from Sugar that inform you of any lead activity. When the time comes to engage a new lead, a message will appear on your dashboard with important information about the lead. These details will not only help guarantee a successful interaction, but they will ultimately result in better sales. Read other ways of optimising your sales process here.

Digital Footprint

There are several types of data analytics that may prove useful when following up with a lead. Sugar expertly sorts and presents this data to your team when you most need it. You will see the digital footprint left by each lead, allowing you to track engagement and improve the sales journey.

The digital sales journey can be hard to track for each lead. For this reason, when Sugar alerts you to new leads, you will have access to the lead’s history with your company. Use this information to ask a lead about their last purchase, or initiate a conversation about their needs. Sugar helps you track this digital footprint so that you can engage your customers in meaningful interactions.

This tool is also useful to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign. Identify where engagement was lost, and explore the areas attracting the most leads to enhance marketing effectiveness. Sugar can improve the way you evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to choose KPIs that will generate the most growth for your business.

Lead 360 – Everything you want to know

Automated processes within Sugar allow you to track the interactions a lead has with your company. This data will be available to you from the beginning to the end of your customers’ digital sales journey. Sugar will compress this data into useful analytics that will help you improve sales and improve the customer experience.

Customise your customer engagement based on the lead. Reach out to new leads offering special support and extending new customer promotions. Check up with existing leads to ask how a product worked for them or how you could have made the customer experience better. Focus on improving customer service by offering assistance to your existing leads before they even have to ask.

Sugar allows you to keep all data you have on a lead in one synchronised and organised space. Never lose track of information, and eliminate the hassle of trying to update information across multiple platforms. A lead can change their contact information themselves and you can be sure it will update across your entire Sugar platform.

Sugar helps you use the information you collect in a meaningful way. Your clients appreciate when a company goes the extra mile to improve their digital journey experience. If you are looking to create an opportunity with an existing lead, use Sugar to see who in your organisation has had contact with this customer in the past. Details like this show you care about your customers and value their loyalty.

Lead Conversion – Taking the next step

Sugar allows your company to convert leads into opportunities. Certain guidelines can be developed to direct specific leads to the most appropriate salesperson, according to industry, location or team. With this process, the best person for the job will be able to respond to the complex needs presented in a personal, impactful way.

Cut down the time it takes for your leads to pass from your marketing to sales team. Automated hand-offs ensure that no time is wasted after a new lead has been identified. Your sales team will receive notifications from Sugar letting them know a lead is ready for engagement. Integration with marketing will revolutionise the way you handle leads, we talked about the importance of digital marketing integration in our ‘Top 5 CX & CRM trends for 2018‘.

Once you have such an informed view of your lead, you can easily convert your lead to an opportunity with Sugar. Import the contact information of your lead and then track the perspective sale from start to close. Whether your company can see the opportunity through to close on their own, or if you need to collaborate with business partners, Sugar can provide you with the necessary data and analytics to improve your sales journey.

Sugar helps you and your team improve your customers’ digital sales journey. Use one dynamic interface to collect contact information, track the digital footprint of your leads and convert a lead into an opportunity. Get a 360-view of your client so you have all the data you need to increase engagement and improve the customer experience. Once your lead is converted to an opportunity, Sugar will help manage your opportunities from start to finish.