Analysing performance metrics has become an absolute must in the modern business world.

A lack of customer visibility is something of a headache for a lot of companies these days. Thankfully, SugarCRM has just launched SugarPredict, the first data-fueled AI for CRM. SugarPredict is able to offer accurate predictions while minimising the time, cost and technical expertise often associated with AI integration.

Get out ahead of the issues

In these testing and somewhat unpredictable times, we’d all like a head start when it comes to mitigating issues. While many companies have gone so far as to put crisis teams in place in order to stay on top of your business, that isn’t likely to be good enough.

SugarPredict may not be able to foresee exactly what the future will look like, but it can make reasoned predictions in order to enable businesses to be better prepared for any bumps in the road or to simply respond more quickly to any opportunities that may come their way.

Go beyond your data

You may think that the data you’re storing within your CRM holds all the answers and that there’s no doubt that it grants you easier access to key customer information. However, its benefits are by no means boundless and in some respects, it can in fact be rather limiting.

SugarCRM’s new AI technology leverages externally sourced data to make predictions and provide answers to questions you never knew you needed to ask.

The benefits of this are vast. Unlike other AI prediction tools, there’s no need for your customers to undertake CRM cleanup in order to reap the rewards of SugarPredict. This is great news in terms of saving time.

Breakthrough your performance ceiling

Analysing performance metrics has become an absolute must in the modern business world. This process essentially provides the necessary feedback you need in order to guide activities accordingly by allowing managers to implement best practices based on solid data.

The issue is that in many cases very little attention is given to strengthening predictability which limits performance capabilities. Being fully aware of this common stumbling block, SugarCRM elected to integrate AI-powered insights into their tool.

This enhancement helps your business boost sales predictability by pointing your reps in the direction of the leads and opportunities that are most likely to convert.

It’s one size fits all

Major tech firms and multinational corporations have been investing and dedicating serious business time to AI for several years now. However, if we move further down the business ladder, there’s been minimal breakthroughs in this regard.

The reasoning behind this is relatively obvious of course. Not only can AI be tricky to deploy, it rarely fits the needs of small or medium-sized businesses.

That’s why SugarCRM has designed a platform with fully integrated deep learning features that minimises time, cost, and technical expertise that is all too often associated with AI tools. This means that no matter the size or technical sophistication of your business, SugarPredict will provide you with the information you need to move forward.

We at redk believe that AI is the future for all businesses, irrespective of their size or standing, and we hope this new tool from SugarCRM will advance our mission to improve accessibility to these kinds of resources.

SugarPredict is based on technology from last August’s acquisition of It’s free for Sugar Sell customers and will become available to Sugar Market and Sugar Serve customers later this year.

At redk, we pride ourselves on our over 15 years’ experience as technical and consultancy CRM experts. Our goal is to help your organisation streamline processes and integrate the best tools on the market to achieve lasting customer service excellence.