Would you like to generate more profitable sales opportunities? SugarCRM LinkedIn integration has become a part of the sales process for more and more sales professionals. By introducing tools such as Sales Navigator, LinkedIn is making social selling easy, helping sales teams to identify and generate new business opportunities. We focus on other ways to use Sugar to manage your digital sales journey, but for now, let’s dive into LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

To get the most out of this, SugarCRM has released a new LinkedIn Sales Navigator connector, allowing users to create a seamless experience between Sales Navigator and the CRM application.

This new widget helps CRM users to optimise their sales efforts once they work on identifying new leads and sales opportunities. Sales Navigator and Sugar users will be able to engage with decision makers more effectively and also follow new lead recommendations based on target criteria, such us market segment, company size, location, etc.

How does LinkedIn Sales Navigator for SugarCRM connector work?

The installation process is very simple and it allows Sales Navigator seat holders to search for people on LinkedIn and view profile details including photos, current roles, and work history from within SugarCRM dashboards.

The following images show you the completed Sales Navigator for SugarCRM widget. Its Account and Lead dashboard on list record view. Sales representatives can find new leads directly in Sugar with Lead Recommendations, as well as company details and common interests.

Linkedin Sales Navigator for SugarCRM Connector

How your team can make the most of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and SugarCRM to generate more revenue?

Within the Sales Navigator widget, sales reps can get valuable information to prospecting leads without leaving the CRM application:

– Get profile basic information (work activity, preferences, groups of interest, etc.)
– Import new accounts into the CRM and keep it up to date.
– Find commonalities between the rep and lead (any shared connections, working at the same company, etc.)
– Get recommendations from Sales Navigator and import new leads into the CRM based on your market target.
– Take advantage of your Linkedin connections to get introduced through InMail.
– Prioritise key people to reach out to, according to their company position or potential interest in your products/services.

We all know that social selling is a powerful driver for sales success. Tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and its CRM integration are making sales activity much easier by optimising and automatising the process. This integration can save valuable time, making sure your team is putting the effort on real sales opportunities that are being synchronised in your CRM accurately.

This connector is available under subscription for every Sugar user (a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license subscription is required). If you would like to find out more about this new connector, please send us an email at sales@redk.net.

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