In the current digital landscape, effectively managing customer data is crucial. Redk can help revolutionise customer relationship management by integrating into your CRM system. This connects every customer interaction with your internal workflow, ensuring exceptional value at every customer touchpoint. Here’s a detailed look at how this integration can revolutionise your business operations and enhance your CRM system.

Synchronise Front-Office and Back-Office

redk integrates CRM systems like SugarCRM or Salesforce with a personalised instance of to bridge the gap between your customer-facing front office and the efficiency-focused back office. For instance, this integration could mean that new clients that are won from sales in the CRM automatically can initiate corresponding project workflows in 

By integrating a powerful work management solution like we can connect sales, marketing, and customer service teams with operations departments, HR, finance and supply chain. This fosters a unified approach to handling customer interactions, but it especially has an impact on enhancing productivity by streamlining the flow of data and information and improving interdepartmental communications. We’re entering a new era of connected businesses.

Build a True 360° View of Your Customers

redk consulting teams can ensure that critical back-office data flows into your CRM. This enriches customer profiles with valuable insights from various operational points like transactional history, services and projects interactions, and fulfilment details. 

Comprehensive data collection equips your team with a holistic understanding of the customer journey, making each interaction more personalised, timely, and relevant. 

Such in-depth insights enable your team to anticipate customer needs and preferences, enhancing the customer experience but more importantly, it enables you to do more with less, impacting directly on the bottom line.

Operational Insights Turned into Action

With, the insights from CRM data are just the starting point. redk helps integrate this intelligence into an actionable workspace where tasks are clear and collaboration is easy.

Ever since we implemented we are able to have a better grasp of project operations, this helps us forecast our work better and have the information we need to make decisions across the business. We are now working much better as a team, meeting deadlines and tracking costs and progress much more effectively.

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For example, a support issue logged in your CRM can automatically become a back office task in, centring your team’s focus on quick resolution and ongoing communication. This integration transforms customer data into a springboard for excellence in service and efficiency.

Optimise CRM Licensing Costs

Our strategic integration of extends the capabilities of your CRM without having to add additional licensing costs. 

By channelling operational data into CRM views, every team member gains access to the necessary information without requiring access to the entire system. costs are much lower than those of CRM applications, so this hybrid approach promotes enhanced productivity while maintaining financial efficiency, showcasing smart and economical CRM usage.

Automate and Liberate

redk’s approach goes beyond mere system setup. We design processes with three elements in mind: the process efficiency, the human using the platform, and the technology capabilities; we do this so we can create a roadmap to build future-oriented automation workflows. The aim of this design is to free your team from mundane tasks by identifying opportunities to automate repetitive tasks within the CRM and environment. This allows us to focus on areas where human creativity and strategic thinking are essential. Automation becomes a catalyst for innovation and improved strategic planning.

Embark on an Optimisation Journey

As a Gold Partner and a seasoned expert in CRM, redk navigates you through the nuances of CRM enhancement. Our bespoke approach includes:

  • Tailored Strategy: Your business is unique, and so is our solution for you. We analyse your specific needs to craft a strategy that fits.
  • Seamless Integration: Our skilled team ensures that the blend of and your CRM is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your processes.
  • Ongoing Partnership: Our support extends beyond the initial setup. We stay with you, ensuring your systems evolve with your business.

Ready to Transform?

Elevate your CRM with the power of and the expertise of redk. Harness the full potential of your customer data, streamline your operations, and embrace automation for efficiency. Connect with redk to begin your journey towards a more connected, efficient, and insightful business operation. Transform every customer interaction into an opportunity and every business operation into a model of efficiency. Start your transformation today.