The first episode of this years redk LIVE podcast, titled “The State of CRM: Navigating the AI-Enhanced Landscape,” offered an insightful conversation between Hideki Hashimura, CMO at redk, and Shaked Hershkovitz at 

The episode explored the current CRM landscape as it evolves in 2024, with a particular focus on how artificial intelligence is reshaping CRM strategies, enhancing customer experiences, and driving business growth.

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Embracing Market Demand:’s Strategic CRM Vision‘s decision to intensify its focus on CRM solutions is a direct response to market demand.

“We took the worst day of the work week and named ourselves that name as a mission to make it productive, smooth and enjoyable.” – Shaked Hershkovitz

This encapsulates their goal to transform the way CRM is perceived and utilised. Despite a crowded market of over 800 competitors, has seen significant demand for its CRM product from both managers and individual employees, who all seek to make their daily workflows more efficient and enjoyable.

Democratising CRM through Inclusivity and Impact

One of the standout points from the episode was’s commitment to democratising CRM technology. By making their platform accessible to a wide range of users, including freelancers and contractors, at no extra charge, they aim to deliver measurable ROI that other CRM tools may not reach. As Shaked Hershkovitz eloquently says, “Our CRM offering can create impact and provide measurable and quantifiable ROI in places where current CRMs in the market can’t.”

The Role of AI in CRM Evolution

The discussion then turned to how AI is integrated across the customer management spectrum. The holistic approach aims to make employees more efficient and engaged, which keeps customers satisfied and loyal.

AI provides three roles: predictive analytics prior to customer interaction, real-time data retrieval and support during interactions, and post-interaction analysis for continuous improvement. This comprehensive application of AI is reshaping the CRM landscape as the technology becomes more predictive, personalised, and capable of operating autonomously.

The Future Trajectory of 

Looking forward,’s vision for its CRM is both ambitious and clear.

“Our north star has always been to democratise the power of software so organisations can easily build on top and customise our offering to their needs.” – Shaked Hershkovitz

With a strong customer base across 200+ countries, their focus is now on enhancing their CRM capabilities to be top-rated in the G2 marketplace. They aim to establish the most powerful no-code CRM platform available, which is intelligent and robust enough to extend beyond traditional CRM functionalities.

The episode “The State of CRM: Navigating the AI-Enhanced Landscape” provided insights into the future of CRM as we transition further into 2024. From’s innovative approach to the transformative impact of AI in CRM strategies, the discussion underscored the potential for CRM to become more than just a business tool but a critical component in enhancing customer relations and driving organisational success.

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