Renowned technology research firm Gartner recently published a report on the top multi-channel marketing technologies in 2017. It comes as no surprise that IBM Watson Marketing falls squarely into the ‘leader’ category in their Magic Quadrant. With high scores in both completeness of vision and ability to execute, IBM Watson has earned its leadership status, with the high profile clients and successful campaigns to prove it.
The Gartner report identified several key strengths of this multi-channel marketing technology, including its marketing campaign management, multiple deployment options and fantastic segmentation capabilities:

Gartner Declares IBM Watson Marketing a Leader among Multi-Channel Marketing Technologies

5 Key Strengths of IBM Watson Marketing

Broad Functionality

One of the major points to highlight about the IBM Watson Marketing MCCM suite is that it is composed of three main parts: IBM Marketing Software, Watson Campaign Automation and Watson Real-Time Personalization.
Each of these different products have their own strengths and can be combined in a way that makes sense for your business needs. The mixture of on-site and SaaS platforms allows you to work in a flexible way, adapting to the changing needs of both your company and your customers. High powered analytics combines across the platforms giving unrivalled powers of segmentation and facilitating the continuous and immediate evaluation of each and every customer interaction. This allows you to determine the optimal multi-channel marketing strategy for your business.

New Capabilities

Gartner notes that one of the major advantages of this platform is that IBM Marketing Software v.10 has introduced a unified interface. It enhances the cross-product user experience, allowing the optimisation of your marketing campaign by providing users with consistency even between different solutions. Pre-integrated process steps are provided giving you a roadmap to bring the very best in marketing adapted to each and every platform or channel.

Universal Behaviour Exchange (UBX)

The UBX is one of the main strengths of IBM’s Watson Marketing products. Marketing campaign management is seamlessly achieved across multi-channel options through a single interface. With the UBX ‘Ecosystem’ of IBM Business Partners, data and analytics from one channel can immediately be immediately utilised and deployed on any other channel. This feature, which can be incorporated in several Watson Marketing platforms including Watson Campaign Automation, almost completely eliminates the delay between data collection and the deployment of a personalised campaign, reducing IT costs and allowing your company to stay ahead of the curve.

Watson Real-Time Personalization

Real-Time Personalization helps turn all individual customer interactions into relevant, contextual and personalised engagement for inbound marketing. You can target customers as they connect with your company, immediately tailoring their content to provide the best possible experience. Advanced analytics allows you, through the Watson Real-Time Personalization platform, to evaluate your customers and to adapt the experience to the individual by determining different personalisation rules for each section of your site or app. Data is collected from each interaction and cognitive powers are used to ‘learn’ from the evaluation of this information, in order to enhance customer experience. The industry-leading segmentation capabilities behind the entire Watson suite ensure that these features will drive meaningful interactions and improve customer engagement.

Marketing Campaign Management and Automation

Overall, Gartner emphasises the capabilities of IBM Watson Marketing in terms of campaign management and its ability to visualise complex campaigns. The ‘Journey Designer’ helps you manage interactions and marketing (both online and off-) depending on the stage a customer is at in the buying process. It offers pre-designed templates, based on research into best practices, allowing you to customise the journey to achieve the best outcome both for you and your customer.

The extensive automation capabilities are essential to providing a consistent customer experience across multiple marketing channels, increasing conversion rates and enhancing trust in your company.

With such expansive capabilities and industry-leading analytics it is easy to see why IBM Watson Marketing has been identified by Gartner as a leader in the world of multi-channel marketing technologies and marketing campaign management systems. At every step of your marketing journey – from the identification of your target to gaining customer loyalty – the IBM Watson Marketing suite optimises experiences for everyone involved in the process. Save time and costs by efficiently deploying analytics and increase your conversion rates through personalised interactions. Streamline your entire marketing process with both on-premises and cloud-based tools. The ability to easily and quickly tailor your campaigns using collected data will enhance customer experience and boost team results.

Watch this video to learn more about IBM Watson Campaign Automation and its cognitive capabilities:

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