Currently recognised by Gartner as a Leader for Multichannel Marketing Hubs in 2020 (Acoustic, 2020), the technology orchestrates companies’ offers and communications that are sent to customer segments across multiple channels.

The power of data insights to exceed customer expectations

Acoustic Campaign (formerly Watson Campaign Automation) is a growing digital marketing automation platform that focuses on maximising the power of data available to marketers in order to design and execute more effective campaigns that exceed customer expectations.

Currently recognised by Gartner as a Leader for Multichannel Marketing Hubs in 2020 (Acoustic, 2020), the technology orchestrates companies’ offers and communications that are sent to customer segments across multiple channels. By providing a perfect suite of products on a fully integrated platform, Acoustic allows any company to design and achieve their desired marketing outcomes.

Choosing the right stack of MarTech in a rapidly developing market is never an easy task. To help you understand where Acoustic stands within the array of technology available, we have reviewed the platform’s best assets below.

Bring campaigns and content to market faster

Marketers are often under significant time pressure to deliver targeted and personalised campaigns, requiring rapid and effective data management while generating relevant and up-to-date content. Marketers who achieve this are able to deliver the content that the prospect or client needs at the right time in a constantly changing business environment. One of Acoustic’s strongest assets is its ability to manage data originating from different channels by unifying and aligning it to the client’s records. This provides the profile and behavioural data necessary to reach the audience based on customer behaviour, as well as the company’s needs. Marketers can easily manage data without technical knowledge in an entirely functional interface thanks to the effectiveness of programs such as Query Builder or Rule Builder. Companies can also bring campaigns and content to market faster through the Acoustic Message Composer. Featuring guaranteed data security, this easy-to-use, drag-and-drop message builder can be used for email, mobile devices, advertising and more. By taking advantage of Acoustic Content for quick management of available assets, it simplifies the process of creating dynamic content based on customer preferences and behavioural data. In turn, companies are better able to reach their customers with the right content in a timely manner.

Deliver experiences that foster customer loyalty

As the market evolves and competition intensifies, it is essential for companies and brands to deliver experiences that foster customer loyalty. Automation and multichannel campaigns are two functionalities that can help achieve this objective.

When companies are able to combine access to quality data and content with rapid delivery, they are in a better position to produce a quality customer experience.

Acoustic Automated Programs allow marketers to design from a strategic standpoint, while also leveraging multichannel programs that adhere to every stage of the customer journey. The use of customer behaviour and profile data from any source to create relevant campaigns across email, the web, mobile push, SMS, group messaging and offline channels takes our ability to design and implement the required flow to the next level.

Quickly identify customer struggles through added AI-powered capabilities

In the quickly changing market, it is imperative to know what is adding to. And also detracting from a positive customer experience. However, achieving this presents a substantial challenge, and marketers who receive help have a strong advantage toward success.

Acoustic has recently introduced Program Anomaly – pictured above – an AI-powered service that informs marketers when something is not working as expected within Automated Programs. The decisions are made based on benchmarking data and other campaign information in the system. This allows companies to analyse, make decisions, and take action to later reduce risk and allow success based on results.

The Acoustic Campaign Platform development plans are set to bring excellent improvements before the end of the year. It has got new mobile features for push and SMS, and functionality such as Ad Connect. Progress updates can be found on our future blogposts.

In the meantime, if you are looking to improve the results of your marketing efforts, seeking to further develop your MarTech, or need help deciding if Acoustic will add value to your company and take your customer relationships to the next level, please reach out to us. We are always on hand to help.