Acoustic has officially debuted as the largest independent marketing cloud, offering marketers purpose-built solutions on the industry’s most exciting and open marketing platform. Formed by Centerbridge Partners’ acquisition of IBM’s marketing and commerce division, back on April 2019, Acoustic launches this month with a total focus on empowering marketers. Led by an experienced team including former IBM executives, Acoustic enters the industry with market position, customer scale, and a proven technology platform.

Today’s marketing challenges can be overwhelming with copious amounts of data and siloed, mediocre tools. The Acoustic name represents the organisation’s commitment to listening, understanding, and solving these complex challenges with intuitive technology that gives brands the power to resonate with audiences in a more personal way.

Acoustic is challenging industry status quo by letting clients utilise an open technology ecosystem that easily connects their data and provides a deep understanding of their customers. Driven by a vision to transcend the ordinary, Acoustic’s AI-powered products are designed to remove friction and deliver a more consistent experience to the market, while still fiercely championing and protecting the privacy customers want. Acoustic will use IBM’s application programming interface to offer the following services: campaign automation like email and mobile messaging, customer relationship management and analytics, and content management and recognition. That includes using Watson AI for natural language processing as well as image and video recognition.

According to Mark Simpson, Acoustic’s Chief Executive Officer:  “Our new name is a symbol of our ability to create environments that draw people in, inviting closer and more personal connections. By providing purpose-built solutions, we can empower marketers to make these true human connections. Only by listening carefully to consumers can marketers make themselves heard.

Acoustic aim to present a new path forward for marketers eager to apply new technologies and take advantage of industry-leading AI development so they can get better results and create more personal connections with their customers – “get back to the good stuff”. Acoustic’s open platform integrates with other leading services at scale, complementing tools already used by marketers to connect data across ecosystems and uncover novel insights that can drive growth. Acoustic solutions are built specifically for the marketer, solving challenges unique to them and setting them free from the fragmented processes they’ve had to settle for in the past.

The Acoustic Marketing Cloud resembles the marketing solutions as a whole – an entirely modern, cloud-based suite of robust marketing tools designed to help marketers do their best work, which includes:

  • Acoustic Marketing Cloud
    • Acoustic Campaign (formerly Campaign Automation)
    • Acoustic Experience Analytics (formerly Tealeaf)
    • Acoustic Content (formerly Content Hub)
    • Acoustic Personalisation (formerly Real-Time Personalisation)
    • Acoustic Journey Analytics
    • Acoustic Digital Analytics
    • Acoustic Exchange (formerly Universal Behaviour Exchange)
  • Acoustic Lifecycle Pricing (formerly DemandTec)
  • Acoustic Lifecycle Promotion (formerly DemandTec)
  • Acoustic Payments (formerly Payments Gateway)

The intersection of humanity and technology is at the core of all modern marketing. Just like Acoustic’s messaging and name, the new brand identity was designed to express Acoustic’s mission to unleash the brilliance in every marketer. The simple geometric shapes reflect an interplay of people and technology, of art and science that is core to Acoustic – with purposeful, meaningful moments that leverage bright, brilliant colours.

About Acoustic

Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud platform driven by a mission to unleash the brilliance in marketers. Acoustic offers the industry’s leading open marketing ecosystem comprised of intuitive, AI-powered products that are purpose-built for marketers. Serving an international client base of more than 3,500 brands including Fortune 500 companies, providing digital marketing, marketing analytics, content management, personalisation, mobile marketing and marketing automation solutions. For more information, visit our Acoustic page.

Source> Businesswire