London, UK — Dec. 5, 2016 — redk, a leading consulting company focused on delivering Customer Relationship Management solutions across Europe, has set its sights on the UK market after acquiring The Sugar Refinery.

The Sugar Refinery is now part of the redk group, this means that from here onwards the company will be transitioning, under the umbrella of the redk brand, to become more effective and successful at delivering services to it’s customer base across the United Kingdom. The acquisition is part of the redk’s growth strategy which focuses on delivering strategic business solutions based on innovative CRM technologies in companies across Europe.

redk has been a SugarCRM Elite Partner since 2005, and it has been leading the way in the SugarCRM community ever since, with a proven record for delivering cutting-edge CRM technology solutions that drive customer experience. redk is already servicing companies in different sectors in countries across Europe. However, the acquisition of The Sugar Refinery will enable the company to create a robust presence in the United Kingdom specifically and to consolidate it’s position as a leader in the SugarCRM space across Europe.

Francisco Rodríguez, CEO of redk, adds, “Years of consulting expertise allow us to deliver high performance CRM solutions that transform businesses. The Sugar Refinery has shown its expertise and we are integrating both organisations to deliver the best to our customers.”

“This is a very exciting time for all of us. Joining redk means reaching the next step in terms of quality and value, and we are working hard on making sure this translates into value for our customers,” said Nick Holt, Managing Director of The Sugar Refinery.

About redk:
redk is a partner and integrator of IT solutions for businesses. Specialising in delivering CRM solutions,  and centreed around reducing the gap between business requirements and technology. Its tailored technology solutions provide the tactical capabilities to enable companies to execute their customer strategies effectively and efficiently.

redk is SugarCRM Elite Partner since 2005 and a key partner for the implementation and management of international IT solutions. Our objective is to create “case success stories” by

  • Making your IT infrastructure a profitable part of your business.
  • Generating a positive customer experience by putting in place processes and tools.
  • Improving productivity and efficiency using technology.