The SugarCRM mobile app is an invaluable tool for sales organisations looking to take customer service to the next level. Its capabilities can be leveraged to increase efficiency and streamline interactions between customers and sales representatives, greatly enhancing the customer service experience.

This article is meant to show how to optimise productivity within your sales team by accessing the SugarCRM mobile app, navigate through modules, and log your activity by using voice-to-text commands helping you reduce manual data entry. We also wrote another article on specific tactics you can use to improve sales productivity here.

1. Quick and easy access to the SugarCRM mobile app from your smartphone

The core purpose of mobile CRM technology is to streamline customer service processes to the benefit of your sales team as well as your customer base. By supporting voice-to-text and offline features, SugarCRM’s app saves valuable time for you and your team and increases productivity.

Simply say “Launch SugarCRM” to open the app on your smartphone. There is no need to scroll through the different apps on your phone since the app will be launched instantly. This feature allows you to react quickly to urgent sales situations without wasting any time.

In a matter of seconds, you will have access to customer data, contacts, sales information and your team’s newsfeed. Use this feature to start running the app with or without connection to internet, and review the records for each module you are following on the team feed. Also you will be able to create, change, and delete records while offline.

2. Get more from your calls with SugarCRM voice-to-text

Using CRM mobile application powered by Sugar, you can initiate calls (or any other sales activity such us emails, meetings, notes, etc.) with customers and team members in an instant. In addition to helping you stay in touch with your customers and your team, the app allows you to make interactions meaningful and memorable with voice-to-text functionality.

Following a call, you will be given the option of logging the call automatically. If you decide to log the call, Sugar will autofill information including the date, time, and participants (contact related and user). Next, you can add in your notes to the call to help keep you organised and on top of your interactions. With voice-to-text functionality, you only have to select the microphone icon and dictate your notes while the call is still fresh in your mind.

This function revolutionises the data entry process, eliminating the time it takes to manually enter information after calls. Not only does this maximise efficiency, but it promotes greater organisation within your team, and creates a comprehensive register of different interactions.

3. Keep in touch with team members and get updates on team activity

Mobile CRM technology works to keep you connected to your customers, but it is also highly beneficial to your team as a whole. SugarCRM offers dashboards, or newsfeed, where you will be able to follow your team updates that are most important to you. Using @mentions and #references, you can touch base with the projects or team members of your choice and never miss a beat.

The voice-to-text capabilities available on the SugarCRM app allow you to dictate messages or comments. This greatly enhances the quality and frequency of employee collaboration principally due to the fact that dictating messages is a faster, easier, and more comfortable way of communicating.

Moreover, this feature is particularly meaningful for sales teams used to work at a distance. Using voice commands, employees will feel their interactions with the team are of a more personal nature since it is similar to having a verbal conversation with colleagues.

Make the most of the SugarCRM Mobile App by taking advantage of its compatibility with your device’s cutting-edge capabilities. Combining Sugar’s advanced CRM platform with mobile functionality allows you to optimise processes, enhance communication, and revolutionise the sales process for both customers and employees.

The SugarCRM mobile app is completely free with each commercial edition of Sugar. For more information please contact one of our experts.