The core of any business strategy is the customer experience, encompassing the entire process from recognising a need to fulfilling it. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE), formerly known as Pardot, plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing this relationship. This blog explores how MCAE can be strategically utilised to transform your B2B marketing efforts and foster lasting customer relationships.

What is Salesforce MCAE?

Salesforce MCAE is a specialised marketing automation and lead management platform designed for the B2B sector. It offers a range of features and benefits, including email marketing, lead nurturing, and ROI tracking, which are essential for aligning marketing and sales efforts. The platform’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities provide deep customer insights, enabling personalised marketing strategies.

Ideal for medium to large businesses, MCAE offers a data-driven approach to refine marketing processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales growth.

Strategic Solution Design for Marketing Automation

Successful marketing automation with MCAE begins with a robust strategy that aligns with your business goals. Establishing a clear roadmap with defined objectives, KPIs, and a unified sales and marketing approach is crucial for effective lead generation and internal communication. 

Crafting Precision Campaign Plans

Structuring well-orchestrated marketing campaigns is vital for success in the digital space. MCAE supports aligning your strategic plan with your company’s campaign objectives, ensuring every marketing effort is targeted and effective. Identify your key messages and desired outcomes, and prioritise your marketing goals. Remember to schedule regular reviews and improvements of your campaign plan to ensure you’re always up to date with market changes and customer preferences.

Navigating Attribution with MCAE

Linking opportunities to specific campaigns becomes more manageable with MCAE. Accurate attribution comes down to effectively capturing the customer journey and touchpoints. Imagine having a clear map of every customer interaction with your brand.

Accurate attribution allows you to track ROI and identify which initiatives have the most impact.

Berta Gálvez, Customer Success Manager at redk.

Implementing an attribution model within MCAE, utilising UTM parameters, and tracking channels facilitate precise campaign attribution. This leverages Salesforce’s advanced analytics, helping you track leads, conversions, and sales associated with campaigns and marketing channels, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for future campaign optimisation.

Maximising Platform Capabilities for Customer Experiences

Salesforce MCAE offers a variety of functionalities designed to optimise marketing operations and ensure campaign success.

Salesforce MCAE is constantly improving and evolving. Stay informed about the latest developments and features to make the most of the platform.

Berta Gálvez, Customer Success Manager at redk.

Start familiarising yourself with the platform’s diverse components and stay up to date with its evolving features to ensure your marketing strategies are always cutting-edge. This includes learning about different types of campaigns, such as email marketing, social media advertising, and customer journeys. Each campaign type presents unique opportunities to engage your target audience and create personalised experiences that connect with your customers.

Adding Value to Marketing and Sales Teams

Integrating marketing and sales is essential in today’s landscape. Designing initiatives with MCAE that provide tangible value to sales teams, such as providing lead scores, customer preferences and customer engagement data, fosters informed sales conversations and tailored approaches. This collaborative strategy improves the customer experience and enhances the likelihood of conversion, creating a seamless journey from marketing to sales.

Harnessing the Power of Salesforce MCAE

Salesforce MCAE is your secret weapon in the constantly changing business landscape. Embracing Salesforce MCAE in your B2B marketing strategy positions your business for excellence. The path to success is an ongoing journey of staying informed, embracing innovation, and continuously refining strategies. With MCAE, your marketing endeavours open up a realm of possibilities, driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce in Action: TIME Investments

Redk teamed up with TIME Investments to modernise its data strategy and CRM system. We combined three Salesforce CRM solutions to cover sales, account management, marketing and customer service to optimise their operations across the board. Today, TIME Investments stands ready to embrace the future, equipped with the digital maturity and customer-centricity needed to thrive in the dynamic finance landscape. 

We wanted to bring our customer-facing teams closer together through the use of technology and automate a number of processes that were previously run through manual overrides – and in that way, support our internal teams to help them deliver best-in-class service to the market.

Nigel Ashfield, Founder and MD of Time Investments

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