In the world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. That’s precisely what TIME Investments, a specialised investment manager, set out to do.

Recognising the need to modernise its data strategy and CRM technology, TIME Investments teamed up with redk, an experienced CRM expert. Together, we harnessed the power of technology to elevate customer relationships, streamline operations, and drive impressive business growth. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at TIME Investments’ inspiring journey and the invaluable role of redk’s strategic approach in their transformation.

Who are TIME Investments?

Before we delve into the transformative journey, let’s get acquainted with TIME Investments. This specialised investment manager provides carefully considered investments focused on stable, long-term returns. Their core offerings include income funds and estate planning services.

Working with hundreds of large brokerage firms and institutional clients, TIME Investments leverages complex technology to aggregate investment opportunities. To excel in this competitive landscape, the team at TIME needed to organise and optimise the vast amount of data that flows through the industry.

Recognising Outdated Systems

As TIME Investments grew and evolved, they came to a realisation – their manual processes were holding them back. Nigel Ashfield, the visionary founder and managing director of TIME Investments, understood the need to break free from the shackles of outdated systems.

To achieve their vision, they needed more than just a technology update; they required a clear roadmap encompassing their entire organisation.

It was time for a transformation plan that involved a cohesive effort from the entire team to drive change and embrace the value of CRM.

Implementing Scalable Solutions

The journey towards transformation began with one question: how could their business be enhanced with new technology? This strategic approach paved the way for optimising customer and partner operations, driving greater efficiency and profitability.

By streamlining their front office operations, TIME Investments gained the freedom to forge impactful, personalised relationships with their valued customers. The collaboration between client services, business development, and marketing teams opened up new horizons for the business.

Building Coherence Between Departments

A key challenge TIME Investments faced was establishing coherence between all its departments. With a diverse portfolio of products and constituents, the ability to provide effective and personalised service to clients was of utmost importance.

‘We wanted to bring our customer-facing teams closer together through the use of technology and automate a number of processes that were previously run through manual overrides – and in that way, support our internal teams to help them deliver best-in-class service to the market.’
– Nigel Ashfield, Founder and MD

TIME Investments needed a clear understanding of how CRM technology could align with their business objectives. This is where redk, leveraging our expertise in CRM, stepped in as a trusted guide to support TIME Investments on their transformational journey.

Finding the Right Technology

Choosing the right technology was essential to ensure that TIME Investments could achieve its objectives. It was not just about the software’s features; it was about grasping the reality of the business, its operational model, the roles and functions of its people, the business processes, and the technology set-up.

Through this understanding, redk and TIME Investments crafted a tailored solution aligned with their unique needs. Three Salesforce CRM solutions were implemented, covering sales, account management, marketing, and customer service, optimising their operations comprehensively.

Investing in an Extensive Discovery Process

To build a robust data strategy, TIME Investments turned to redk, entrusting them with centralising all data related to client relationships. The goal was to create operational capabilities and gain a precise view of their customers.

The extensive discovery process allowed redk to identify and incorporate key objectives into the technology design.

This collaborative approach ensured that the implementation aligned perfectly with TIME Investment’s business objectives.

Maintaining Momentum Throughout the Project

Embarking on a transformation journey requires unwavering support and momentum to keep the wheels turning. TIME Investments understood the value of this momentum, and its leadership team played a pivotal role in ensuring its continuity.

With the CEO’s direct support and continuous backing from the executive team, redk had the time and resources to optimise TIME Investment’s complex ecosystem. This fostered a culture of progress and adaptability, which were crucial for the project’s ultimate success.

The redk Difference

Organisations often need help to fully leverage their potential in a world where technology is advancing rapidly.

redk, however, is more than just a technology provider; we are a strategic partner.

redk understands the modern customer’s needs and focuses on creating digital capabilities that adapt to these evolving needs. Their expertise and partnership with TIME Investments were instrumental in driving the success of the transformation project.

The power of innovation and strategic partnerships

By recognising the need for change, implementing scalable solutions, and investing in a comprehensive discovery process, TIME Investments unlocked the potential of its data strategy and CRM technology. With redk, they navigated the challenges and maintained momentum throughout the project.

Today, TIME Investments stands ready to embrace the future, equipped with the digital maturity and customer-centricity needed to thrive in the dynamic finance landscape. The journey of TIME Investments inspires organisations seeking transformation, as they, too, can empower their growth and redefine their success. Get in touch today.