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Salesforce + redk

The most powerful CRM technology combined with your industry expertise and redk’s 15 years of experience = a winning team!

Salesforce is CRM

The strength of Salesforce lies in the deep technical expertise of our people across all of our service units — Sales Performance Optimisation, Marketing Automation, Customer Experience and Intelligent Automation.

Our deep functional, technical and engineering knowledge and market-leading methodology and capabilities will drive your future transformation to success.

Working across different industries, sectors and business models we are able to design and implement Salesforce solutions rapidly — helping your brand accelerate value generation and growth.

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Sales Cloud

Flexible, to help you adapt quickly.

Service Cloud

Customer service, faster than ever.

Marketing Cloud

Identify the moments that matter.

CRM by Design – Building CRM for Tomorrow

It’s not about modernising systems, it is about designing how your organisation leverages innovative technology today.

CRM by Design is a methodology based on Design Thinking concepts. The design process is guided by a technologically positive attitude that embraces the possibilities of future technologies, rather than basing a solution on past models.

In our experience, many companies upgrade their technology without addressing the opportunity for change and improvement. In today’s world, maximising the potential of digital solutions goes hand in hand with operational improvements and staff training.

This methodology ensures our customers invest in future-proof CRM technology, enabling them to define a true competitive advantage and drive their ROI.

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"CRM Transformation Centre" is the methodology framework we use to help organisations achieve CRM success

The CRM Transformation Centre is a unique methodology, which was designed to bring CRM Transformation projects to successful completion. It aims to provide a robust and reliable framework to effectively assess, design, develop, and deliver a CRM roadmap.

The methodology addresses three core elements:


We get involved in the business, we engage with the executive team to be able to understand how the technology needs to support the business vision to deliver the value it’s meant for.


redk utilises the most advanced and up to date DevOps technology and continuous integration best practices in order to guarantee quality and speed.

Organisational &

Technology alone is not enough to drive transformation. People drive transformation. At redk we help brands in this journey to manage change and drive adoption.


Driving operational efficiency and optimising sales performance to deliver long term transformation.

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“redk was able to understand the business constraints and the technical challenges we were facing.

They worked closely with our team to put together a solid roadmap to deliver quick wins in the short term, which has added up to a robust CRM solution overtime.”

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Marc Talbot, Acuris

Global Head of Commercial operations

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