Streamlined Efficiency for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Elevate your customer experiences to new heights using Salesforce Service Cloud. This platform is purpose-built to optimise workflows and streamline processes, maximising efficiency for your business. Equip your customer service agents with a user-friendly, unified view of every customer interaction across your entire organisation, accompanied by robust service tools.

Optimise your support teams by harnessing prebuilt service tools, performance dashboards, and AI-driven insights. Seamlessly consolidate customer service cases from multiple channels into a single view, reducing handling time while gaining access to a comprehensive knowledge base for swift resolutions. From web chats to social customer service, Service Cloud has the tools to automate repetitive tasks and prioritise customer satisfaction.

Use the streamlined efficiency of Salesforce Service Cloud to forge enduring customer relationships and drive business growth. The customer service data, contact centre analytics, and case management features offered by the Service Cloud platform can propel your business to new heights.


The most powerful CRM technology combined with
your industry expertise and redk’s
15 years of experience = a winning team!

Experience the redk difference

Our methodology aligns strategy with technology to produce a robust CRM framework that drives organisational change in your company.

Strategic Consulting

We dive headfirst into your business. We collaborate with your executive team to gain a deep understanding of how technology should align with the business vision and deliver its intended value.

Operational Design

At redk, we are masters of operational design. We streamline processes, boost productivity, and drive peak performance. With cutting-edge technology and agile practices, we take a dynamic approach that drives efficiency and accelerates your transformation journey.

Functional Implementation

Technology alone is not enough to drive transformation. It’s the people who drive change. We guide you through managing organisational and operational change, ensuring your teams are ready to embrace the new solutions and drive adoption for maximum impact.

Technical Support

We don’t just implement and leave you hanging. With redk, you have a dedicated partner providing comprehensive technical support. We’re here to ensure that your technology solutions continue to run smoothly, keeping your business on track and empowering you for ongoing success.

Streamline your service processes

As your Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, redk can help you drive processes, productivity, and consistency the way you want by easily customising support models and business processes. Guide agents through processes with scripts and show them the relevant customer details for them to serve the customer effectively.

Embed knowledge management right in the service console so agents can easily deliver the right answers to customers and even be able to share articles to any channel or device with one click.

Help your customers help yourselves

Your knowledge base will be integrated into your service website with a secure customer self-service portal, public sites, and public customer communities. Resolve customer issues with the Salesforce Service Cloud at your side and create an effortless customer experience through any device.

See every customer interaction in a chronological timeline, regardless of channel. Every voicemail, email update, knowledge article, or anything else about a case appears in our flexible newsfeed.

With the Salesforce knowledge data migration strategy, you can enhance your self-service options so customers can find the solutions they need with efficient asset and order management. Harness the potential of integrated knowledge bases, customer data, and public communities, offering your customers an effortless and empowering experience.

We are a Gold Partner of Salesforce

At redk, we have 27 certified dedicated Salesforce experts to guide you through the implementation process. We help you get the most out of Salesforce products, whether it’s enhancing customer engagement or helping your team communicate effectively.

The redk team is here to reshape challenges into potential opportunities that Salesforce can solve. After all, cultivating strong relationships with our clients is what we do best.



Deliver business results with the right technology and a trusted partner with a robust methodology.

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