After recently acquiring Collabspot, SugarCRM has taken the next step in improving their CRM UX, helping boost productivity among users.

Launched in Singapore in 2012, Collabspot is a highly effective tool that integrates CRM systems with your email inbox in an intuitive manner, facilitating internal collaboration and drastically cutting down on data entry.

Below we outline the ways SugarCRM and Collabspot can improve your organization’s performance to boost employee morale and optimise processes that drive measurable results.


First and foremost, Collabspot is an integration tool. It features a wide range of benefits, the majority of which can be summed up in one word: simplicity.

Collabspot gives you easy access to SugarCRM data directly from your email in a simple and intuitive manner. Having all your CRM data at your fingertips while reading or writing messages helps avoid switching between the Sugar platform and your email, empowering your employees with efficient access to relevant information when they need it.

This feature also extends to social integration, allowing you to easily monitor any contact’s social network activity. New developments among leads can change the dynamic of your interaction with them. However, having all relevant customer information at hand means you can better adapt to their needs to either provide a more well-rounded service that drives loyalty or convert leads.

Email, calendar and contact sync

When designing Collabspot, every aspect of integration has been taken into account to ensure the experience is entirely holistic. For example, going beyond simply having access to data already stored on the platform, you also have the option to add new information, right from your email inbox.

This means your emails, calendars and contacts are all synced and linked, giving you or those on your team instant, up-to-date access to any deadlines, meetings or other important information. Furthermore, having all this data streamlined and stored on your CRM, cuts down on inconsistent information being shared across platforms, which can hamper the customer experience.

Saving time on data entry

For your sales or customer service agents, one of the most welcome benefits of Collabspot is its ability to cut down on unnecessary and repetitive data input. The above points, aside from gathering and streamlining information, help provide a more comfortable user experience.

This aspect cannot be understated. The fact is, manually inputting data goes beyond being a chore – it’s severely detrimental to how productive your staff are. In fact, according to Collabspot statistics, companies that use the tool save an average of 5 hours each week on data entry, which equates to a 10% increase in productivity.

Reporting and analytics

With Collabspot’s reporting and analytics systems, you can gain even more accurate information regarding the time sales agents spend on each task, while also reviewing the most up-to-date reports and analytics. This opens up a plethora of potential uses, including gamification, goal measuring capabilities or strategy review.


Email functions

Finally, Collabspot provides a variety of email functions to further increase productivity and ensure urgent issues are dealt with in a timely manner. The functions are:

  • Email tracking. This allows you to set up notifications for any interaction from a prospective lead, meaning you can contact them at precisely the right moment to increase the chances of a win.
  • Email reminders. Similarly, you can make sure you never forget to follow-up on a lead or client. With these reminders, you can even schedule emails for a specific date to stay on top of your workload.
  • Email templates. Reinforce and optimise your email communication by creating email templates for your sales team. These can then be reviewed and their effectiveness assessed with the email template reports.


Important takeaways from Collabspot

With Collabspot, SugarCRM stays true to its commitment to continual improvement, allowing it to stand out as a leading provider of user-friendly CRM solutions. Thanks to Collabspot, time previously lost to data entry can be effectively leveraged in a number of other ways. Whether it’s using insights to improve operations, stay on top of your current workload, or contact promising leads at precisely the right moment, your staff are empowered to take control of their time.

At redk, we specialise in providing tailored end-to-end CRM transformation services. With a customised plan and the most effective technological solutions, we can help your business reach their goals right into the long term.