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Marketing Automation…

… is about understanding customer journeys, personas, segmentation and personalisation. But above all, it’s about data.

Harness the power of your most valuable marketing asset: Your data!

Digital environments are a complex universe of interconnected links where each software product claims to have all the answers. In this confusing context, making decisions can be difficult.

At redk, we bring order to the chaos by effectively leveraging technology to create strong, robust data integrations, which can be used to create data models you can utilise.

These are orientated to build programs based on the customer life cycle, helping you personalise the customer experience and maximise your tech stack’s potential.

Data Integration: Discover where the data is and how it flows in and out of systems, alongside data integrity, data quality, and using data from multiple sources to create a model for automation.

Lead scoring, lead nurturing and program automation: The customer’s stage in the purchase funnel influences how and when we interact with them. Maximise your team’s time by defining the lead scoring and nurturing models based on where the customers are in their journey.

Dynamic Content Personalisation: Your target prospects and customer base are unlikely to be aligned. Craft content to achieve clustered levels of personalisation, and always remain on point.

Go Omni-Channel: Send messages according to customer preference, whether email, push, SMS or a personalised, one-to-one call.

Automate for efficiency: Avoid your teams manually launching the same hit-and-miss campaigns time and again. By putting the right automation in the right place in the customer journey, you can allow your marketing
team to focus on more impactful activities.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services – Discover the most powerful force in the “sales” universe. Our Salesforce expertise help you make the most out of the most innovative technology in the Sales Automation Space.

Acoustic Marketing Cloud Services – Personalise this flexible technology to your business and optimise your sales operations. Acoustic Marketing Cloud is one of the most flexible
and scalable platforms for marketing automation.

Marketing Automation has no secrets: it’s all about design

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Driving operational efficiency and integrating sales and marketing to deliver better sales results.

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“redk was able to understand the business constraints and the technical challenges we were facing.

They worked closely with our team to put together a solid roadmap to deliver quick wins in the short term, which has added up to a robust CRM solution overtime.”

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Marc Talbot, Acuris

Global Head of Commercial operations

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