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Inspired Energy

Inspired Energy

An energy consultancy company based in the UK. Providing cross-industry support to find the most cost-effective energy solutions.

Established in 2000, Inspired Energy has grown to become one of the largest energy consultancies in the UK and is now part of a group of companies within the Inspired Energy plc group (INSE:LSE).

As a consultancy, the company has the strategic insights and technical expertise to solve the common utility challenges in any industry, regardless of size, sector or complexity.

Inspired Energy understands that utilities costs are rising and companies need to keep innovating to keep on top of things. To deliver successful utilities management strategies, it is as much about what you do internally as what you do externally. Inspired Energy has expertise in a number of sectors, providing companies in any industry with highly knowledgeable advice.

A digital roadmap aligned to the business strategy

The challenge for the CRM strategy was mainly focused on how the digital platforms can integrate adequately to the transactional systems. This was a challenge as the company was still trying and testing different commercial models and adapting itself to a very dynamic market environment.

Inspired Energy initially launched with several different businesses that worked in alliance with the main brand, as a result there was a high quantity of transactional data that needed to be integrated from the group of companies into a consolidated CRM.

This model evolved over time, and the project team (redk and Inspired Energy’s staff) was not only challenged with technical complexity, but also with the need to deliver results as fast as the business evolved whilst maintaining quality standards.

“Rapid business growth and dynamic competitive environments require innovative and versatile solutions in order to stay competitive and relevant. At redk, we use our proven methodologies to deliver complex digital projects, with speed and quality, to match the speed of your business.”

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Delivering on a Complex Challenge

There were various elements that made a difference during the delivery of this project. We, at redk, put together a team of skilled people from different disciplines in order to analyse the challenges ahead and find pragmatic solutions to the engineering problems. redk took charge of the complex engineering issues while the internal team managed organisational change, training and the definition of the functional scope for the development backlog.

Both teams worked together towards the common goal to get through technically complex problems.

The solution was successfully implemented by combining methodology, applying best practices and following expert advice. redk made sure that the technology was aligned with the overarching business goals and robust enough, from an engineering point of view, to keep up with business demand.

Today, Inspired Energy has a commercial and customer management team that relies on the CRM solution, built on SugarCRM, to deliver best-in-class customer service.

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