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Achieving competitive advantage by implementing CX technology in the context of a CRM transformation plan

As a next-generation B2B2C digital insurance platform, i-surance provides customers with personalised services and support.

Offering cutting-edge solutions, innovative products and claims management, the platform boasts a forward-thinking approach to the world of insurance.

i-surance has grown exponentially since it launched in 2012. Today, i-surance has over 500,000 active contracts in 15 different countries, and more than 90 employees, all working towards the same goal of providing customers with the best experience available.

Creating competitive advantage

The insurance market is often characterised by obsolete technology. Unlike many of its competitors, i-surance’s business model breaks that mould by placing customer experience at the very core of their business.

They’ve strived to make the post-sale customer experience a differentiator.

Before working with redk, i-surance’s technological capability had been out-paced by their expansion, as non-integrated systems wasted agents’ time and delivered a less than optimal customer experience. A horizontal transformation was needed if they were to continue to grow and to achieve outstanding customer service.

Taking insurance tech a step further

Highly innovative, i-surance’s B2B2C model sees them partnering with high-street retailers to re-sell i-surance products to end clients through their own outlets. Their focus is on four verticals: tyres, electronics, mobile phones (partnering with Fnac) and hearing devices (with Boots).

With their insurance products available in these partners’ outlets within a month, i-surance provided excellence in end-customer service, simple products, rapid processing of claims and unprecedented onboarding speeds.

“The truth is we have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in Customer Services. Day to day, service agents know much better what they have to do. They have much better visibility of all client-related information in order to do their work better. So they’re happier.”

Anna Witteveen, Head of Product, i-surance

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Single-platform solution

Their digital transformation presented a three-fold challenge: Design, Technology and Data. And a single-platform solution and its consequent processes was required. All of i-surance’s agents would also have to be retrained, as part of a complete rethink of the process.

In need of an expert, redk helped to implement Zendesk and to drive complete transformation – and it had to be total and rapid. i-surance had to demonstrate quickly to the executive team and partners that the change was beneficial and effective, so an MVP was implemented initially to build momentum and support for the transformation.

Tangible Impact on Service Operations

The impact Zendesk’s implementation has had is outstanding. As well as the significant streamlining and consolidation of their processes which has enabled a large team of service agents to work seamlessly.

Agents can now see at a glance which queries are theirs, and track the progress of ongoing projects through the system. They know immediately what actions are required at any given stage of a particular ticket without having to search through previous emails.

Also with features such as virtual telephony seamlessly integrated into the ticketing platform, i-surance’s approach has had an overall positive impact on both the employee and the customer experience.

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