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Havas Media Group

Havas Media Group

Monitors the status of global advertising pitches to major multinational projects in real time.

Havas Media Group is one of the largest communications groups in the world. It’s an exciting media agency that operates in over 100 countries. The group offers a wide range of services within the communications field, such as PR and communications strategy, digital marketing and content creation, among other services.

Since 2008, Havas Media Group have been analysing the business benefits of building meaningful connections for brands. It is this that drives their desire to offer the services that they do, which in turn offers value to their clients.

The project objectives

Havas Media Group’s biggest challenge was the enormous task of standardising its sales processes, which currently operate across multiple offices globally. They needed to achieve a comprehensive, real-time view of their sales activities without resorting to compiling reports from numerous systems.

While doing this, we needed to address the task of ensuring sales representatives were able to continue prospecting new sales opportunities and delivering pitches. The CRM solution needed to output a single data source to help streamline analysis, provide rich customer insight and enable collaboration between sales teams across the globe.

“We chose redk because it understood what we do; and we chose SugarCRM because it is versatile and flexible enough to adapt to the unique nature of our business.”

Eugenio Gómez Acebo, SVP Global New Business

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Project outcomes

It’s never an easy task to coordinate across multiple locations and databases. Because of this, redk knew that the project had to be carefully curated from a strategic and consultative view point. The solution was to develop a sales methodology that could be easily adopted by its sales people.

The only way to achieve this was to introduce processes that were beneficial to the sales force as individuals, not just its department. The core focus was to increase productivity and effectiveness with zero downtime.

redk implemented best-in-class technology to assist the standardisation of workflows and processes, which enabled Havas Media Group to increase overall visibility of data and insights while saving hundreds of man-hours.

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