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Cortech Developments

Cortech Developments

Specialists in software integration solutions for smarter building, fire and security systems.

Delivering uncompromising solutions since 1992, Cortech Developments is a privately owned, premier provider of integrated building, fire and security software. With a mission to help clients leverage their legacy technology and enhance their systems, the company uses its key product, Datalog 5, to facilitate unrivalled control and monitoring solutions.

Cortech Developments offers management systems across the globe, further showcasing their capabilities and expertise. Working with building owners, consultants, integrators and manufacturers, their role is to maximise safety and efficiency.

Integrating with the times

Cortech Developments has been integrating systems for over 25 years, and are well-versed in changes brought on by the complex world of asset management. With a proven track record in delivering software solutions throughout the UK, Cortech Developments has been able to help organisations reduce operational costs.

Their vision to be considered a best-in-class provider is matched with their determination to ensure a ‘customer-first attitude’. Using an antiquated version of SugarCRM was slowing down Cortech Developments’ processes, and it was time to update and optimise their software.

Powerful solutions to deliver powerful solutions

Cortech Developments selected to transition their already successful SugarCRM to the cloud. Through Sugar Sell, they are now able to group customer data on one platform. Cortech Developments’ main objective is to deliver their solutions in the most efficient way for their customers.

The implementation of Sugar Sell and the transitioning of Sugar to the cloud gave Cortech Developments a fully digital business cycle. Optimising new account processes and client management functionality allows the company to be more efficient, automated and capable of collecting useful data and customer information.

With each quote, Cortech Developments can easily create strategic objectives for the client’s individual project needs. As the company is part of the software solution sector, automation was a necessary step toward customer success.

“As a company that provides software product solutions to high security, fire safety and smart building environments, our mission is to deliver on excellence. Introducing an end-to-end automated process has given us the opportunity to interact with our customers when it matters most. Thanks to redk, we were able to update our CRM solution and succeed in our mission to put our customers first.”

Jason Blundell, Cortech Developments

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Successful transformation

The CRM transformation integrated each stage of the sales process on a single platform, making it possible for Cortech Developments to fully automate their cycle.

Operating in over 30 countries, Cortech Developments can seamlessly deliver its software to clients across various sectors. The team’s passion and dedication to both their product and the company’s mission allowed for a smooth transition and transformation process.

Thanks to this transformation, Cortech Developments has gained a stronger understanding of the customer experience, and their business processes have been updated to maintain consistency.

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