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Delivering services to companies ranging from multinationals to niche boutique offices across the world.

With nearly 1,500 employees in 66 locations worldwide, Acuris is a leading global financial information provider with a large and diverse base of investors, advisors and other corporate clients. It provides proprietary insights and analytics across six key financial areas: fixed income, transactions, equities, compliance, infrastructure and research.

Acuris’ differentiated content and products, including Mergermarket, Debtwire and several others, are deeply embedded in the workflow of over 115,000 daily users and nearly 5,000 subscribing firms.

A tech strategy aligned to the business

The strategic objective has always been to generate new revenue streams by defining the way the company can leverage the tens of thousands of B2B relationships it enjoys with its customers. At redk, we developed an understanding of the underlying business objectives and worked at different levels of engagement in order to review and analyse how the new strategies could be materialised into organisational design, as well as capabilities to be delivered through CRM technology. In addition, the creation of a CRM governance committee added the continuity, drive and momentum the project needed to make sure it delivered and achieved its goals.

Modern problems require modern solutions

There are various elements that have helped this project come to success. Predominantly the core element has been the ability to bring together multidisciplinary teams that worked on overcoming challenges, the ability of both teams to work towards a common goal and get through the difficult times, by using methodology to find structure, by relying on experience-based best practices, by following expert advice and by ensuring that the technology was aligned with he overarching business goals.

“redk was able to understand the business constraints and the technical challenges. They worked closely with our team to put together a solid roadmap to deliver short term, which has added up to a robust CRM solution overtime.”

Marc Talbot, Head of Relationship Management

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How we did it, together

redk worked closely with the leadership team at Acuris, stakeholders and the technical team to deliver major changes on the CRM digital framework.

This changes include:

  • A redesign of the model, including data, required to support the creation of a 360º view of the customer. This included the consolidation of many CRM instances and the decommissioning of redundant Salesforce implementations in order to streamline business operations through one single CRM
  • The implementation of the functional model and the operational design required to help improve efficiency and increase effectiveness in the different BAU roles
  • The delivery of all integrations with other company systems and applications in order to fulfil the long-term SOA strategy (CMS, publishing platform, identity management systems, SSO, Security, finance applications, etc)
  • The data quality, consolidation and migration jobs required to consolidate one single source of accurate reliable data
  • The delivery of the full CRM technology stack that support business operations for customer acquisition and retention (sales and account management), including the multi-region private cloud
  • Supporting the internal team at Acuris to roll out the user adoption program to teams across many global locations and ensure effective implementation

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