An easy-to-configure CRM platform that empowers the user and can be personalised to unique business goals


Because Customer Experience is Personal

SugarCRM empowers your marketing, sales and services teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences.

SugarCRM ensures your customer relationship management is more personal, providing an individualised experience with each customer interaction.

  • Powerful: With a core offering of sales, marketing and customer support automation in one easy-to-deploy package.
  • Flexible: Fast and simple configuration to make a custom CRM easy to obtain.
  • Affordable: Sugar offers low, predictable pricing, allowing businesses to develop a custom CRM solution for all their needs. With no hidden fees.
  • Highly rated: PCMag recently rated SugarCRM the highest for customer satisfaction, receiving the top Net Promoter Score across all major CRM vendors.

Market With Insight


Capture the attention of your most promising prospects.

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Sell Smarter


Create meaningful experiences & build lasting relationships.

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Serve Exceptionally


Give customers the support they need quickly & confidently.

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Why SugarCRM Recommends redk As A CRM Transformation Partner

SugarCRM’s Co-Founder, Clint Oram, on CRM Transformation and redk:

“Today’s customer expects immediate answers and instant gratification. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if you don’t put outstanding customer experience at the centre of your business, you will lose. This means the most impactful digital transformation strategy for your business must be based on transforming your customers’ experience with your company”.

Why Companies Are Choosing SugarCRM

Your business is unique. Your CRM should be too!

SugarCRM is a highly flexible platform that provides an intuitive user experience and a broad ecosystem of integrations. This allows businesses to create their own, fully personalised approach to build strong relationships with each customer.

With Sugar, you can automate end-to-end processes across multiple channels, while empowering your workforce with new and exciting features such as Sugar’s mobile application. What’s more, all this can be gained without increasing system costs.

Sugar provides a strategic platform to quickly build a tailored CRM, from the ground up.

We Make It Sweeter For You!

As a SugarCRM Elite Partner for 13 years, we can help transform your business.

redk is a SugarCRM Elite Partner, which means we have a close working relationship with SugarCRM. We actively collaborate to improve CRM tech solutions and are granted direct access to innovations from the manufacturer.


With a position on the SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board, we are part of an international organisation of businesses that work with the manufacturer to further its business strategy and improve its product.

What’s more, we have been recognised as an Elite Partner from among over 300 SugarCRM partners worldwide, an honour we share with only one other company in the UK. This recognition is due to our full commitment and unbridled success delivering CRM solutions to clients.


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We are SugarCRM experts

We have been a SugarCRM Elite Partner for 13 years. With over 200 projects internationally, we have the experience and expertise to successfully implement SugarCRM in your company.