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We won! Ok, there are no winners, but we were named as one of the top and very best CRM blog in the UK. Something we are extremely proud of. We have been working really hard on providing content for you that is useful to CRM, Customer Experience and Marketing Automation and this is proof that all the hard work is paying off. Sign up to our newsletter to receive a round-up of our latest blogs once a month.

What does our blog feature?

We write about all sorts of topics related to CRM, Customer Experience and Marketing Automation. We provide technology solutions in these areas, so we can confidently say that we are experts in this field. More importantly, we want to share this knowledge and expertise with you. This is how we differentiate from our competition and it’s an example of the value you get from working with redk.

Top blog posts

If you haven’t been following our blogs, here are some of our top posts in the last 3 months.

What is Zendesk & is it worth the investment?

Why do we think this is popular? Well, it answers the curious questions the public are Googling, and that’s the important thing to address when blogging. We address what the internet is asking, then provide them with the information they need, in an engaging way. Read this blog post if you are interested in Customer Experience, Technology or would like to understand how Help Desk Solutions can help your business.

GDPR Compliance: The most important guide you’ll use for CRM

This one is interesting. We think the popularity stems from the topical and timely GDPR. The general consensus is still confusion and small doses of fear. Will we get it wrong? Am I compliant? How does this impact my CRM and all of the contacts I have gathered over the last decade? etc. There are many more questions like this being asked. We think this post is successful because it specifies how you can be GDPR compliant within your CRM specifically. Read this blog post if you are still a little bit behind or lost with GDPR – you might also like ‘How to get your CRM & Marketing lists ready for GDPR‘.

Award: IBM Watson Marketing named a leader in Multi-Channel Marketing technologies by Gartner

We have a theory on this one. IBM is a huge name and market leader. Gartner is well respected and their reports and recommendations on technology are followed in mass. The combination of the two big brands, along with the announcement of the awarded title, works well in terms of news and engagement. Marketing Automation is sought after but sometimes difficult to achieve. Read this blog post to find out more about IBM Watson Marketing and Marketing Automation capabilities. If you are interested in getting started – reach out to us here.

Most recent blog post

Finally, get up to speed on our latest blog post. It’s an example of how we are evolving our thought leadership. We want to provide you with the most extensive information on all things CRM, Customer Experience and Marketing Automation. Our latest blog post is our longest yet, but you won’t need to look any further on ‘Customer Advocacy’ when it comes to what it is, why it’s important and how you can achieve it. Enjoy!

Everything you need to know about Customer Advocacy

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