Getting further, together

Your success is a journey we travel together, we feel part of your success.

redk was founded in 2005, and it has been a long exciting journey. We have grown from a small 3 people start up to become one of the leading CRM consulting firms in our markets. We have gotten this far because we believe in our core values and because we work side-by-side with our clients.

We work to establish long-term relationships. We aim to deliver value and be seen as strategic partners to your business, dedicated to help your company grow. We believe that by working together, with the long term in mind, we can deliver the best possible outcomes.

What we believe in

We believe business is all about people. We nurture talent and encourage drive in order to achieve exceptional results in everything we do. Our people are at the heart of our company values. Thus, we believe in staying true to the principles that have taken us here: 

COMMITMENT - We are committed to delivering quality, we make your project our own and we will work together, to achieve what we set out to achieve.

HARD WORK - Great things don't come easy, we know often this means we need to work hard and go the extra mile, that is fine, because we love what we do.

INTEGRITY - We are transparent and honest when it comes to our clients, our employees, our business partners and our providers. We believe this has earned us a level of integrity to be proud of.

Our mission is to turn our clients’ businesses into success stories. 

Our ethos and why companies choose to work with us

Our collaborative approach when working with clients means we have a deeper relationships and a better understanding of  your business challenges.

  • True Partner - We build long-term relationships, based on trust and transparency, not only with our clients but also with manufacturers, employees and suppliers.

  • CRM focus - We understand CRM as a core business strategy. Our team focuses on growing within this area of e expertise, so we can be the best on our field.

  • Proven Experience - For more than 13 years and over 200 successfully deployed projects, we have demonstrated our commitment to our clients and our engineering expertise.

  • Quality Commitment - Customer satisfaction is our priority. We take responsibility for the success of our customers and always strive to exceed their expectations