Being open to new ideas and perspectives, and not assuming that your way of doing things is the only way, is the best way to approach life.

Today in our Life at redk blog, we speak with Kaizer Anos, who is a solutions architect at our company. Many years ago, he left his native country, the Philippines, for Spain. Now, he shares the challenges he faced while adapting to a different country, continent, and culture in search of new professional and personal challenges. He also reflects on the importance of teamwork and the value of multiculturalism in a sector as dynamic as technology.

Computer-loving since childhood

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved playing with computers, and with everything in that world. So, I’ve always known that I wanted to dedicate myself to the world of computing. I started little by little, like everyone else. First, as a developer.

I was still gaining experience until I started working for redk in Spain.

This led me to leave the Philippines and move to Spain to become a junior developer in 2016. Over the years, I have managed to develop my professional profile to where I am today as a solutions architect. Basically, my role involves understanding the needs of the clients, to then design and build the most efficient and effective solutions possible.

The challenges of moving far from home

The worst part of moving has been, without a doubt, having to leave my family and friends behind. Moving so far away was difficult, especially at first. However, since I arrived in Madrid, I can say that I feel at home and that I don’t feel the urge to go back. After getting married, my wife and I knew that our life was here since she lives in Madrid.

In order to stay here, one of my main obstacles was having to learn Spanish.

However, my job always requires me to learn new programming languages. Therefore, to learn this new language I just had to follow the same process that I already followed in my work.

Comparing work cultures

The work culture is not all that different between the Philippines and Spain. The company I worked for there had a set of rules and procedures that we had to follow to the letter. My experience has been similar in Spain, so it was easy for me to adapt.

In both countries, people value a work-life balance.

On the other hand, the characteristics of my work as a developer mean that I always have to work with people who are in different time zones. Therefore, I’ve learned to be flexible with my working hours.

Working in a multicultural environment

One of the characteristics that I like the most about working at redk is the multicultural environment that you find across all the teams. I’ve always believed that working with people who have different experiences and origins from my own enriches my life both professionally and personally.

Being open to new ideas and perspectives, and not assuming that your way of doing things is the only way, is the best way to approach life.

In addition, we need to be in constant communication with everyone we work with. That way, we receive the feedback we need to work more efficiently.

The pleasure of working on what you like

If I had to say what aspect of my job, I like the most, I would say it is the variety: every day is a little adventure, with new challenges. It motivates me constantly that we’re always presented with new tasks or complex problems to solve.

This environment of continuous challenges creates a very friendly atmosphere where everyone tries to help each other.

I really enjoy being able to contribute through my role, because I also know that it will have a positive impact on the team and on our clients. I believe that I’ve reached a perfect balance between control and freedom, which allows me to maintain a very high level of confidence in the company. This, in turn, helps me to have a fulfilling and happy life in every way.

The support I’ve found at redk

Undoubtedly, to be successful you need to have the support of your peers and for everyone to pull in the same direction. Right from the start, redk has trusted me, and thanks to their confidence in me I have managed to become the professional that I am today. In this company I feel welcome, valued as a member of a great family, and listened to.

At redk, you never feel alone, because all successes, both big and small, are always recognised.

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