According to Gartner, ‘Live chat is the number one service choice for shoppers between 18 and 49 years old.’

A recent Forrester report indicates that today’s customers are showing a significant increase in the use of live chat software. In fact, these text-based chat experiences are becoming more widely adopted across organisations and consumers alike. The efficient, convenient live chat features give customers the opportunity to ask for help on their terms, all while using the brand’s website or mobile app.  

Offering accessible support at the right time with chat

Today’s customers want to be left alone – until they need help. Around 41% of customers haven’t used chat services simply because they don’t need assistance; which is excellent news for the brand and its processes. When brands place a strong focus on service rather than on self-service, they are better able to anticipate the needs of their customers and mitigate issues. But, when there are issues, it’s common that customers are already overwhelmed or frustrated and want to talk to a person. 

24% of consumers have not used text-based solutions because they prefer to talk to someone when they need product information or help to make a purchase decision. 

Live chat software is on the rise, but it doesn’t have a strong following or many positive reports – yet. Around 12% of customers simply don’t trust chat, another 12% find it to be inefficient and around 7% have previously had poor experiences with the software. This is mainly due to brands not utilising their chat software to its fullest potential. In order to reach all customers, brands should embed chat software across all channels, in turn giving customers a seamless, omnichannel experience.  

‘Consumers can easily start a conversation with a brand, whether they begin in the brand’s own website or app, on social media, or even in search results within a browser or maps.’ – Forrester 

Live chat as a tool for excellent customer service

Putting your customer in the driving seat offers a personalised touch, as well as higher customer satisfaction rates. Live chat software covers a variety of options for customers, allowing them to choose how and when they want to be helped.  

More than providing a positive customer experience, live chat software benefits organisations by providing an opportunity to gain crucial information on customer buying behaviour, enhance sales, and reduce the demand on your customer service teams. Additionally, today’s customers expect seamless, efficient service and chat features can provide just that.   

‘Research found that people felt more comfortable with live chat than with telephone support, appreciating the real-time instant response but without the perceived hassle of a telephone call.’ – Salesforce 

Live chat implementation can be easy and seamless. Embedding a customer-focused and customer-driven strategy guarantees that your organisation is where your customers want you to be, fast.  

‘Optimise live chats by empowering the right agents, handling multiple chats at once, and getting the timing right.’ – Salesforce 

Building a solid chat strategy

An outstanding customer service strategy is built on a foundational understanding of your customer’s needs.   It’s imperative to start with a customer experience strategy by prioritising the moments that will enhance current and future journeys. It’s also important to determine where chat is the right channel for your strategy. Using Forrester’s POST methodology gives your team a clear understanding of which platforms your customers use most. Additionally, take the time to research and build your strategy around the capabilities of third-party messaging platforms. The tools are out there for convenience, so use them.  

With the advancements in technology, organisations must shift with the times. Embedding chat will keep you up-to-date in today’s competitive, digital world.  

82% of customer service decision-makers think their customer service must transform to stay competitive” – Salesforce 

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