In today’s consumer-driven market, smart businesses know that the ability to develop and maintain healthy customer relationships is key to success. Zendesk offers companies of all sizes, from SME’s to multinational corporations, the customer relationship management (CRM) tools they need to create lasting connections with their clients. So, what is Zendesk?

Founded in Denmark and currently based in San Francisco, this Software as a Service (SaaS) company offers a multitude of adaptable, scalable customer service products that are designed to evolve with your business needs.

What sets Zendesk Products apart from other customer service platforms

The modern customer is on-the-go, and expects access to quality customer support at all times, no matter where they are. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must keep up with this demand. Zendesk makes this possible by offering omni-channel support, allowing you to reach your customers right where they are, anytime they need you.

Furthermore, when it comes to support, customers want an experience that is fast, efficient, and easy. Providing this requires informed and agile agents. With omni-channel support, you can seamlessly integrate a multitude of communication channels into one place, breaking down information siloes. In doing so, conversations and client information are shared throughout the company, improving productivity and eliminating redundancy. This is just one of the many ways in which Zendesk stands out from other CRM products on the market, but if you need help choosing a help desk solution, we wrote a helpful blog here.

Adaptable and scalable CRM

Around-the-clock customer service is time, labour, and cost intensive. While you want to be there for your clients 24/7, you can still help them solve many of their issues without the intervention of an agent. Moreover, customers often prefer to resolve their inquiries on their own, rather than call or chat with a customer service representative. In other words, sometimes it is better for everyone if you help your customers to help themselves.

Zendesk empowers you with the ability to offer self-sufficiency to your customers by integrating self-help customer support tools into your platforms. The easier it is for clients to resolve their problems, the more satisfied they will be with their overall experience with your company, and satisfied customers become loyal customers. We recommend these top 4 features to help improve customer satisfaction rates.

By allowing your customers to help themselves, you also reduce agent workload. With more time available, agents can become more productive in other areas of their jobs. Zendesk’s self-help solutions reduce resolution time, increase agent efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

What is Zendesk used for?

As your customer relationship management strategy is sure to involve many applications, Zendesk makes it easy to access and integrate them all into one comprehensive CRM solution. In the app directory, you can find and connect all of your preferred apps, from time tracking to social media to chat tools. For example, extend your Zendesk with the Mailchimp app for email campaign management, Slack for team collaboration, YouTube for video and channel comments, and hundreds of other possibilities. The app directory is constantly evolving and developing to bring you all the tools your company might want to connect with current and potential customers.

Products offered by Zendesk

Zendesk Support

Customer relationships are the heart and soul of your business. Nurture them with personalised, responsive support across their favourite channels.

Zendesk Chat

With live chat, agents can attend to multiple customers at once, and chats can be automatically triggered by specific customer actions or inactivity.

Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide optimises the self-help aspect of your customer service strategy by automatically offering the most relevant information, based on the context of their needs. AI features measure the effectiveness of your content to reveal any information gaps or areas for improvement.

Zendesk Explore

Gather and analyse the most relevant customer data, to gain a deeper, more complete picture of your customers.

Get the fastest time-to-value

Uber, L’Oreal, Groupon, and Fossil are just a few of the famous companies that have found success with Zendesk.

“We’ve optimised the team for extremely fast response time, so that the customer knows we’re here for them when they need us, and quickly,” says Morgan Wood, Head of Customer Happiness for GoFundMe, regarding the company’s experience with Zendesk.

One of the main advantages of Zendesk is that within just a few short weeks, it can be quickly and easily implemented and adapted to suit your unique business needs. With this speed and agility, you will see a much faster return on your investment. This technology supports constant innovation. Users speak, and SaaS providers respond with new, powerful tools to meet their demands.

Zendesk leads the market in these aspects, offering the best tools in CRM solutions, and continually adding to their cutting-edge list of products and solutions to deliver excellent customer service.