According to Zendesk, 76% of customers prefer self-service and 20% of agent time is spent looking for information.

Further Zendesk Agent Workspace updates: all-round user-experience improvements 

Another set of updates continue the expansion and enhancement of Zendesk Agent Workspace, as part of an ongoing and continuous process of improvement. 

For Professional and Enterprise customers, a social messaging add-on now integrates all the most popular messaging platforms – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more – with Support. This single interface for all messaging makes staying in touch with your customers on their preferred channel a reality without the Agent having to switch between them manually.   

The latest updates are not limited to Support and continue across the platform. 

Zendesk Guide 

Updates to Guide have been made with a focus on functionality and connectivity, making the user experience smoother and allowing for greater and more effective collaboration. Increasing the quality of customer support while reducing support costs. According to Zendesk, 76% of customers prefer self-service and 20% of agent time is spent looking for information. Guide gives customers the most relevant answers and information automatically —and in context— for a faster self-service experience. You will be able to capture your team’s collective knowledge and build on it over time with Guide so agents can respond to support requests more effectively.

Zendesk Gather

This update facilitates the creation of a community forum for your customers to connect and collaborate, meaning you can also always provide them with support and get insightful feedback.

Templating API v2: Used when rendering Help Centre themes, particularly the Curlybars templating language, CSS and Javascript templates and the manifest file, this update offers further-optimised performance, accessibility and security. Zendesk now iterates more quickly, updating the Guide theming experience and giving developers greater facility to keep up to date with upcoming Zendesk releases. 

Team Publishing: Teams can now collaborate on new and updated content in a fluid, more connected workflow. An article created by an Agent can be reviewed by a Content Manager, who can add their own labels if desired, or publish the content directly. 

Knowledge Capture App: This allows you to leverage your team’s collective knowledge. Agents can search and link articles into tickets, providing rapid inline feedback for content improvement. A predefined template provides them with a direct interface for answering tickets on Zendesk Support.  

Zendesk Explore 

Expansions to the Explore functionality now enable users to drill down into the metrics to see the actual questions being asked by customers. Other updates further broaden Explore’s practical application: 

Custom Roles: This enables Zendesk admins to update Explore permissions in bulk through the Support Admin centre. Efficiency is enhanced as permissions are now set using custom roles, rather than at the individual agent level. 

Light Agents: Support Enterprise customers with the Collaboration add-on can now share view-only dashboards with Light Agents, keeping their entire team in the loop. 

Query Builder: This important new addition adds to the user’s overall comprehension of the impact of any changes they may be making. Query Builder lists the dashboards in which any query is being used, affording an instant overview of which dashboards will be affected by any changes being applied. 

Zendesk Sunshine CRM 

The latest updates to Sunshine build a more complete and detailed picture of your customers. New tools enable the compilation of transversal customer profiles, both deepening and sharpening their profile and expanding its availability across your brand. 

Unified Profiles: This feature produces a single view of your customer across multiple applications and systems. A consolidated record can be built for a customer who may have multiple connections with your company, or relationships with several companies under your umbrella brand. 

Unified profiles can also be broken down into data silos, so you can analyse inter-departmental relationships with a given customer. It gives a single, macro- and micro-view of your customer, providing a holistic overview of their relationship with your organisation. 

Custom Events: This feature gives you a detailed view of every interaction your company has with a customer, regardless of who initiated it. You can track website page views, clicks, log-ins, etc. You can also examine retail transactions – see what they’ve added to a shopping cart, purchases or reservations, deliveries, refunds and cancellations and so on. 

Custom events also allows you to analyse your customers’ receipt of and response to marketing campaigns, the communications they’ve received, their preferred contact method and related data. ‘Back-office’ events such as claims processing, contact detail changes and so on can also be tracked and updated. 

Zendesk Sales Suite 

This update was designed with sales efficiency in mind. The Zendesk Sales Suite now bundles Zendesk Sell and Chat with the Voice and Reach products, so your sales team can create, contact and manage leads more effectively. 

Constant and ongoing improvement 

These latest updates are part of the continuous process of improvement of the Zendesk Agent Workspace user experience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about these updates or any other aspect of Zendesk. 

An ongoing process

We’re confident that these enhancements will further improve the user experience for Zendesk Agent Workspace users. But this is an ongoing process – further improvements are coming and will be announced in a forthcoming entry. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look at our Zendesk Services.