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Zendesk is Customer Service software that features a support ticketing system. It is the perfect tool to realign your customer service operations with customer expectations, allowing you to engage with your market in a timely, personalised manner.

Our Zendesk Consulting Services are designed to help businesses improve current or potential customer relationships. Alongside boosting team productivity, we effectively design the way you connect with your audience.

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Omni-channel Customer Service – Today’s customers expect non-stop availability, whether social media, messaging, email, mobile apps, your website or any digital channel of their choosing. Zendesk allows for immediate customer connection, regardless of the customer’s preferred channel.

Embedded Support – Zendesk is easily embedded into your website or mobile app. This empowers customers to find their own solutions, begin a conversation with your support team, make a call or send an email – all without leaving the application.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence – Zendesk’s Answer Bot is powered by AI. It can automatically respond to support queries with relevant articles from your help centre. The aim is to solve any customer issues before a free agent becomes available.

Automate, escalate and increase efficiency – Reduce response and resolution times by automating repetitive processes. This allows your staff to have more meaningful conversations with customers, boosting engagement by delivering faster responses.

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zendesk-master-partner-logo-redkWith our help, our Zendesk Services can help to design your service model to increase customer satisfaction and boost your NPS. Alongside configuring and implementing Zendesk, we support your organisation as you train your staff and confront the change needed to deliver outstanding customer service.

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