How to get meaningful customer relationships

Large-scale internet use has fundamentally changed the way we function as a society. Even the way we communicate has changed, with instant messaging quickly becoming a preferred mode of contact. With the multitude of instant messaging options available, through SMS, live chats and social media, it becomes challenging for businesses to navigate this new reality. 

Conversational marketing is quickly stepping up as the answer to this problem, building on traditional one-way marketing approaches to connect businesses and customers in a more meaningful way. This is why it is essential for any organisation to have a Conversational Growth Strategy in place. At redk with Zendesk as a partner, we help companies to deliver excellence in Customer Experience daily, we are can help you implement conversational marketing techniques. 

What is conversational marketing anyway?

Conversational marketing is proving to be a highly effective way of creating better, more authentic experiences for customers. This two-way approach invites customers to engage in a conversation in order to discover what they really want from your product. The idea is to use this feedback to shape your marketing strategy to attract and retain customers, while increasing conversions. It’s an efficient way to develop loyalty, drive engagement and grow your customer base.

Why conversational marketing works

As we enter the digital age, customers are becoming more discerning in how they make choices. When not done well, traditional ‘one way’ techniques like cold calling or even sending emails can quickly feel like a bombardment. This new, conversational approach takes advantage of how easy it has become to communicate in a virtual setting, inviting the customer to participate and helping businesses gain leads more quickly, while collecting and storing client data.

Conversational marketing works because it takes customer needs and preferences into account. Not only do customers feel like they have more of a say in their purchase journey, but processes are optimised based on their responses and feedback.

Today’s customers favour companies that offer genuine and positive experiences. A study published in Forbes showed that 92% of customers say they wouldn’t return to a company following up to three negative customer service experiences. By engaging in conversations with your customers, your business is able to provide a more personalised service while utilising their feedback to strengthen your product.

The transition from Transactional Marketing to Conversational is inevitable for most companies, customers demand agile, strong-willed and affable service. Omnichannel is the only way to go, now there is no way back!