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Driving operational efficiency in sales operations and marketing.

A worldwide reference for both label designers and printers, Arconvert is the leading manufacturer of self-adhesive materials, papers and films designed specifically for labelling.

With a turnover of more than €800 million and 1,570 employees, its business model has evolved to address two target markets: direct consumers (B2B) and indirect consumers (B2B2B).

Adapting to an increasingly demanding market

Arconvert’s B2B business model has changed over the past few years.

Agents who are involved in commercial transactions between manufacturers and distributors, as well as the interactions they have with retailers, seek to maintain the same flexible relationship they already have with their own customers.

In order to harmonise marketing and sales actions in a constantly growing business, and adapt its model to meet customer and consumer demands, the digital transformation required the streamlining of new processes.

Wings to fly

Arconvert selected SugarCRM to automate their marketing processes through Sugar Market, and to group customer data in Sugar Sell. Arconvert’s main objective is to substantially improve relationships with their customers.

The implementation of SugarCRM made it possible to transition into a fully digital business cycle. With the introduction of a pricing tool, while also optimising logistics, agents are now able to quote as quickly as possible through a single process across all regions.

With each quote, the CRM creates and sends an Arconvert-branded PDF. This logistic optimisation is completed by the standardisation of processes and the centralisation of data. It is a complete automation that offers a single vision of the client.

“The digital transformation is a change for the sales team, who are used to using other processes.

This requires continuous monitoring to prevent teams from being disconnected and to ensure that the transition to the digital solution provides the desired result.”

Fernando Girón, Marketing Director at Arconvert

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Winning the CRM Transformation Challenge

The CRM transformation has made it possible to complete the business cycle from beginning to end, as it integrates each stage of the sales process on a single platform.

The commitment of the executive team, along with the motivation and training of employees, were fundamental to the transformation process.

Thanks to the transformation, a more complete understanding of the customer experience has been gained, and business processes have been redesigned to align with their needs. Identifying key processes enabled an improvement of business agility and impact.

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