AI-Assisted Sales Tools to Help Your Team Target Business Deals and Improve Win Rates

Technology has shaken up the business world of the 21st century. Constant innovation and technological advances have changed the way business is done, and sales teams across all sectors need to adapt.

The internet has flipped business-to-business (B2B) selling upside down, making sales more difficult than ever before. Now that potential clients and buyers are able to learn about products and services on the internet, sales teams are faced with individuals and companies that are well versed in their product or service before any initial contact. 

In spite of the potential threat this new wave of technology presents, it is how a B2B sales team deals with it that will either lead to success or failure. Although the access to information that technology provides seems to be the problem, new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), can help salespeople better adapt to this new reality. By offloading low-priority tasks like data entry, scheduling and sales forecasting, it is essential for sellers to embrace this technological revolution in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

The Changing Role of a Salesperson in a B2B Environment

It goes without saying—the digital revolution has revamped the customer experience. Customers no longer need sales reps to teach them about a product. But rather, sales teams now need to convince customers why their products are the best on the market. Looking for solutions that are tailor-made to their needs, customers expect direct communication.

In response to higher demand from potential clients, sales reps are using technology to collaborate more productively with them and close more sales. Many businesses have turned to AI and other technologies to help them better connect with leads. In fact, 72% of business leaders see AI as an advantage, but only 15% of businesses are implementing it into their sales processes. 

The remaining 85% of businesses are unaware of the benefits AI can provide them with. AI has revolutionised sales. Among its many features, AI allows teams to pinpoint leads with the greatest likelihood of conversion whilst providing them with the tools needed to find the best potential clients. It’s time for businesses and organisations to leverage their sales teams and embrace AI.

The Role of AI in Sales & Marketing

The results that AI can give to any company are promising. When leveraged properly, AI-related technologies can catapult sales and help your sales team connect with leads and clients. The innovative world of AI can take both your sales and marketing initiatives to the next level.

For sales, this cutting-edge technology will help you eliminate all time-consuming tasks that you have to deal with on a daily basis, leaving you with time to work directly with leads and customers and provide them with a more personalised experience. 

In marketing, AI can help your sales team better asses a lead’s ‘readiness to purchase’. By analysing all of your leads and developing a prototype for the ‘perfect lead’, you can create a filter which will automatically predict incoming leads. What’s more, AI can help your team foster faster engagement with potential clients, create a better alignment between sales and marketing teams and promote better performance overall. 

By optimising processes such as real-time segmentation with behavioural tracking and predictive models, sales teams can determine which groups of customers best suit their team and their goals. Meanwhile, marketing teams are able to focus on catering to the ‘ideal customer’ by channelling their resources into connecting with leads that will most likely convert into sales. Furthermore, these technologies will bring organisation to your team, keeping information relevant and up to date. 

CRM & AI integration

Integrating AI into your sales team may seem like an overwhelming task; however, you can streamline this process by using a CRM. But a basic CRM won’t cut it—it’s essential to have a strong and personalised CRM with solutions that go beyond your average CRM so that you can seamlessly incorporate this tool into your sales processes. An example of this type of CRM would be the cutting-edge SugarCRM which includes SugarSell, SugarMarket and SugarServe.

AI-assisted sales tools, which are integrated into a CRM, provide the most innovative benefits for sales teams across all sectors. For example, through guided selling, sales reps can use automated yet personalised responses to inquiries from potential clients, while AI tools within a CRM can help you seamlessly store contact information and all customer interactions. Sales teams using this technology can even predict which products and discounts will resonate with specific customers.

CRM and AI integration creates a better working environment for sales teams. With more time and less tasks, such as developing sales forecasts and training and onboarding new team members, AI-CRM integration is the key to having the most productive sales team possible.

redk has over 15 years’ experience as technical and consultancy CRM experts. We aim to support companies seeking to enhance efficiency and profitability through world-class tools that optimise team performance across your organisation.

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