How high-performing marketing teams differentiate themselves in the dynamic landscape of marketing. 2023 Report by Hideki Hashimura, CMO at redk

Mastering the waves of high performance marketing

In the fast-paced world of marketing, gaining and maintaining a competitive edge is no simple task.  Redk’s new report, inspired by Forrester’s research, dives into the strategy behind high-performing teams and how they achieve over 70% of their goals. From personalisation to top-down understanding and execution, high-performing teams dominate the dynamic marketing landscape.

In essence, high performance is about consistently delivering results, and these outcomes set the stage for comprehending what distinguishes these top-tier marketing teams from the rest.

But there’s a hitch: how do you make unique content without exhausting teams or hiring more people? It starts at the top, with leaders championing a focus on the customer across the company. This way, when marketers’ efforts echo company aims and speak to audience desires, their campaigns hit home and build trust.

Explore our report. It’s more than hitting goals; it’s about blending strategy, insight, and a united company vision.


What’s included:

  • What differentiates high-performing marketing teams from low-performing marketing teams?
  • Navigating the audience-centric approach 
  • Learning the top-down understanding and execution
  • Creating a high-performing marketing framework
  • Mastering the waves of marketing technology 

Key insights

Marketing teams in every industry have different challenges to overcome – we have seen that these mostly centre around skills, technology, and capabilities. And that’s why we have developed this framework to guide and support you to marketing success.

  • 97% of leaders from high-performing organisations support an audience-focused approach
  • 45% of high-performing teams have a structured set of activities (processes) with deliverables and assigned responsibilities 
  • High-performing teams are 4X more likely to have defined buyer personas for more than 75% of their offerings

Our Marketing Operations Framework focuses on implementing the capabilities of a high performance team and delivering business outcomes with short-term results.

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