It is only fair to say that nowadays customer service plays a very important role when it comes to the customer journey. This has prompted companies to invest in innovative tools designed to streamline customers’ experience. These solutions include CRM platforms, marketing automation systems and help desk software solutions. Here are five ways that can make your customer service stand out. Feel free to watch our webinar on the subject here.


1. Allow customers help themselves by increasing self-service channels

Consumers prefer more and more to use self-service portals over contacting a support agent. In fact, self-service channels have recently overcome the telephone as the most used touchpoint in customer service. According to a Zendesk study 67% of respondents said they preferred self-service over speaking to a company representative. And this is good for business, as self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to provide customer support. Some even take to social media to find resolutions for their issues and questions.

Help desk tools offer knowledge base, business communities and forums and customer portal where users can find the answers to their questions, upload notes, create tickets, follow up the status of their issues and manage subscriptions, as well as update their profile information. Such tools also offer a knowledge base that reduces costs and repeated enquiries, boosting the efficiency of the support department. Offering problem resolution guides, finding frequent questions and product updates are some of the examples that allow you to make resolution times more agile, decrease ticket volume and business costs through a help desk solution.


2. Define an intelligent call routing and queueing system

There are times when prioritising specific calls is necessary due to the size of the client, the urgency or the status of the issue. This is why optimising queue management and call routing becomes important to prioritise phone calls relying on the information we have about the client or the issue related.

Contact Centre solutions can automatically prioritise incoming calls in the queue based on clients’ data stored in our support platform. Automated workflows can also be designed to route phone calls to the agent that best suits your customer’s needs based on a number of factors such us language, who the customer has worked with in the past, the complexity of the case or the agent’s skill level. These are just some examples of what we can base our call routing rules on.


3. Easily access customers’ information 

It’s a common scenario where a customer is put on hold while the support agent hunts down the answer to a question because they don’t have immediate access to the right information.

Customer service systems can help your employees get relevant information for every incoming call preventing dissatisfied customers and time-wasting. Companies that care about customer satisfaction and employee productivity invest in tools that will ensure quicker resolutions to customer support requests and employees having easy access to the information they need.


4. Automate phone call registrations and voicemail transcriptions 

Integrate your IVR/ACD/PBX systems to your support platform instance in order to provide superb customer service. This will give you the ability to save recordings of support calls and voicemails into your ticketing platform, which might be helpful when reviewing past tickets. You might even want to consider AI and machine learning to do the automated responses for you.


5. Get smart data to measure results and make decisions 

Building customer relationships works better when it’s driven by data. Getting a deeper understanding of your customers and business, helps you improve your decision-making process.

Mashup data from your different sources to report on all your channels and get the big picture will bring you actionable business intelligence including contact centre efficiency, customer satisfaction scores, and incident frequency. Customer Service managers can gain a better understanding of their team’s efficiency and where improvements should be made to cut down support costs and improve customer satisfaction scores.


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