Zendesk and redk first Lunch & Learn: a look into WhatsApp Business integration

On 19 September in Madrid, redk had the opportunity to participate in a special event: ‘Lunch & Learn’ by Zendesk. Where attendees were invited to learn first-hand about the exciting integration of WhatsApp Business into the Zendesk platform.

WhatsApp is the world’s leading instant messaging application. The app, which is currently used by 1.5 billion people from 180 countries, has become a popular choice thanks to the privacy it offers with encrypted messages and its accessibility – it can be used with very limited internet connection, making it available to individuals in the most isolated of locations.

The Facebook-owned messaging platform has recently introduced WhatsApp Business, a business platform which is revolutionising the customer service experience. 

As a leader in customer service software, Zendesk has embraced WhatsApp Business by integrating it directly as a channel on their platform. Thanks to this move, Zendesk users can seamlessly integrate this new technology into their existing software, while also keeping all customer information, data and history all in one secure and convenient location. 

Exploring the transition to conversational marketing

Today’s shoppers increasingly demand more personalised experiences that meet their ever-changing individual needs. As technological advancements continue to help companies get closer to their customers, organisations are quickly discovering the value of conversational marketing techniques.

At the ‘Lunch & Learn’ event, attendees heard from a number of leaders driving this transition to conversational marketing, including Daniel Núñez, product marketing manager at Facebook Iberia; Guillermo Prieto, territory manager for Zendesk; Alberto Becerra, territory sales manager at Zendesk; and Miguel Magán, general manager at redk. Each presenter brought something special to the table by sharing different areas of importance regarding WhatsApp integration in customer service.

Daniel Núñez opened the event with a comprehensive overview of how WhatsApp is used by companies today, emphasising how the platform may be used to improve response times. Today’s customers expect companies to respond to their queries quickly, with 83% looking for an answer within 24 hours on social media. ‘Customers want consistent messaging’, Núñez stated, ‘as well as contact with businesses throughout their customer journey.’

Mr Núñez explained that despite seven out of ten businesses claiming to effectively connect with customers, only two out of ten customers agree. WhatsApp Business changes all of this – with its user-friendly interface, customers can message businesses directly as if they were talking with their friends. 

Fortunately for businesses, using instant messaging and conversational marketing not only helps them to gain more customers, but it also provides a more economic solution that offers ‘value to businesses in terms of reach, engagement and personalisation’.

Following Mr Núñez’s insights, Zendesk’s Mr Prieto and Mr Becerra gave an interactive presentation in which the audience was invited to directly interact with WhatsApp Business integration in Zendesk. Audience members, the majority of whom represented businesses based in Spain currently using Zendesk, had the opportunity to test out the platform’s dynamic features, such as auto-responses and its live notification feed. 

Mr Prieto emphasised Zendesk’s philosophy, which intends to ‘provide the latest technological solutions to clients while improving efficiency for agents, customers and businesses’.

Lastly, redk’s Miguel Magán closed the event with a look at the shift from transactional to conversational marketing and redk’s role in this transition. As a 3-year partner of Zendesk, redk has played an integral role in promoting long-term, personalised relations between businesses and their customers through their CRM solutions. 

According to Magán, the Customer Experience (CX) continues to be ‘under fire’ as there is a need to shift to investing in customer loyalty. 

‘The newest battleground in the world of sales is connected to pull-service strategies as tech allows for conversational marketing to be at the forefront of their approach to addressing customer needs’, Magán explained. To do so, it is important to implement the correct training needed for employees and teams to effectively use this technology. And that’s where redk’s role in implementing platforms like Zendesk is essential.

A successful, high-value event

The event brought many different businesses together to learn about these exciting changes on the horizon for Zendesk and WhatsApp integration with ‘s redk collaboration. It also provided Zendesk users in Spain with the opportunity to share experiences, while socialising and networking over lunch. 


At redk, we pride ourselves on our over 15 years’ experience as technical and consultancy CRM experts. Our goal is to help your organisation streamline processes and integrate the best tools on the market to achieve lasting customer service excellence.