In every new relationship there are pinnacle moments that can make or break it. Usually, you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression, meaning it’s essential to create customer loyalty early with clear communication and service that wows. We wrote a blog on everything you need to know about customer advocacy here.

From a sales perspective, it not enough to achieve sales revenue and bucket loads of orders. If your message is not clear enough for your potential customer to understand, then you can fail in a big way. For example, when pitching a prospect or sending over a proposal, you must communicate with empathy portraying clearly that you understand your customer and their needs.

It is not too dissimilar when considering the role that CRM plays in creating customer loyalty. Simply storing data and information about potential customers is not enough. The information should also provide additional and relevant information about your prospect so you can go above and beyond their expectations. Successful CRM should help your sales team to engage the prospect in a personal and relevant way.

How does Disney create customer loyalty?

Disney proactively manage their customer experience by seeking to reduce wait times on attractions and in restaurants. Disney encourage movie characters to keep customers entertained and parades to guide them to less busy attractions. This has resulted in more than a 10% improvement for the number of attractions an average visitor can enjoy. Disney doesn’t just stop here, they have their sights set on more advanced technology that can help them increase customer loyalty further. Experimentation of smartphone applications and wrist bands use is already underway. Disney anticipate being in a position where one of their character’s will know how many times a visitor has attended, their name and their favourite ride. Disney’s use of technology displays how it can create customer loyalty through a personalised customer experience.

Customer experience first

Your company and leadership teams should focus on your overall business strategy to enhance the customers experience. Ensuring that all communication is relevant and effective. Loyalty programs, such as VIP cards and member discounts are more readily accepted among consumers, permitting companies to gather significant amount of consumer related data. How this data is used can determine the success of the customer loyalty strategy, use data incorrectly or not at all, and you run the risk of consumers losing patience. The differentiator will be how multiple sources of data are brought together to then be used to create personalised messaging and experiences.

To hit the mark, remember to integrate as many of your data sources as possible, so that you can create better customer engagement using authentic experiences, resulting in increased ROI.

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