The rise of messaging as a way of business-to-customer interaction has gathered pace recently, with customer interactions through that medium predicted to hit 70% this year.

The rise of messaging as a way of business-to-customer interaction has gathered pace recently, with customer interactions through that medium predicted to hit 70% this year. With as many as 80% of customers wanting a personalised service, this conversational way of doing business with them is ideal, regardless of the platform used.

But the message is much more effective and consistent if those cross-platform conversations are unified into one channel. Sunshine Conversations provides the perfect bridge whether you’re using Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or another messaging service.

Essential engagement

Personalised communication is not a customer demand that businesses can afford to ignore. What’s more, the reduction in email effectiveness shouldn’t put businesses off – the medium has merely changed. According to Forbes, due to a 30.6% increase in mobile usage, 40% of people have over 50 unread emails. However, only around 4% of those people have unread mobile messages.

Sunshine Conversations facilitates customer communication, regardless of the platform used. It retains a record of the chat whether it’s on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, giving agents the original notification so the chat continues seamlessly.

WhatsApp now has two billion users, and has become the world’s most popular messaging app. The introduction of the WhatsApp Business API means that WeChat can now be replaced, and Sunshine Communications enables your business to make the switch.


Connected messaging with a human touch

Sunshine Conversations began life in the Montreal-based startup Smooch, which joined the Zendesk family in 2019. Through the platform, your business is able to have conversations with customers that have that personal touch and feel much more human.
This is achieved by integrating messaging into a business’s existing website or apps. Multiple systems can be connected to a single WhatsApp communication stream, so sales and service clouds or reservation platforms can join the conversation with clients. This level of flexibility is paramount. According to Zendesk’s findings, the highest customer-satisfaction ratings of any channels come from messaging apps and AI bots that help users browse products alongside making reservations and payments.
Sunshine Conversations delivers this personalised touch while guaranteeing your message finds its target no matter the channel. A unified API gives every team in the business a single view of the conversation – everyone is kept in the loop.

Variety, flexibility and redundancy

With businesses increasingly adding messaging to their offering, convenience is king. As customers are browsing, choosing and completing payment without leaving the app, businesses that make this service available have a clear competitive advantage over those companies which don’t.
Sunshine Conversations has the flexibility and adaptability to work with any channel on any platform, unlocking access to the principal messaging software while also giving you the tools to build a native messaging system.

Conversation extensions add interactivity to the customer experience, and even if a message type isn’t supported by a particular channel, Sunshine understands it and displays it in the best possible format.
The universal messaging API means you’re chatting to customers on the channels they’re already using, with the Rich Message Framework ensuring the conversation’s interactivity is retained regardless of their preferred app. In short, you’re talking to your customers on their favourite channels, and the message is getting through every time.

Be part of the conversation

There are five billion messaging accounts worldwide, representing a huge base of customers and potential customers who use these apps to stay connected to businesses and each other.

Connecting with them is easy and fundamental, but has to be done effectively if your message is going to stand out.
Conversational business is the next step in the evolution of customer engagement, and Sunshine Conversations facilitates this transition from simple messaging to doing successful business on messaging apps.

At redk we are helping companies to build, integrate, manage and interact with customers across the most popular messaging platforms, leveraging their popularity and talking to your customers no matter where they are.

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